Dessert Ideas for Your Party Dessert Table

Dessert Table Ideas

Dessert tables are my favorite part of a party for two reasons. One is primarily because of the yummy desserts (I have such a sweet tooth!) and two is because it’s so customizable and DIY-able.

In fact, when we had a mini gathering for DS’s first birthday, I specifically requested a rectangular table just so I can at least put up a dessert table.

Let me find a photo of it.

Oh, here it is! 🙂 Here’s the link to my old post about it: My Happy Table

DIY Dessert Table

I chose a central theme (animals) and revolved my decorations and dessert items around it.

Dessert Suggestions

As for the dessert line-up, there are a lot to choose from. You can opt to display them on tier trays. DO NOT lay everything flat on the table. Add boxes of varying height to make the table look interesting and nice.

1. Cakes and Cookies

It wouldn’t be called a dessert tray without cakes and cookies. Decide whether there should be a centerpiece cake for the party. If there is one, it should be the highlight of the dessert table. For other special treats, baked goods tops the list of must-haves along with cupcakes, scones and pies. You can offer the moist, dry, cold cream or the buttery variety. No sane guest would ever say ‘No to cake!’ Here are the desserts I used.

Cakes and Cupcakes (DIY Dessert Table)
Cakes and Cupcakes
Cake Pops (DIY Dessert Table)
Cake Pops
Cupcakes and Cookies (DIY Dessert Table)
Cupcakes and Cookies

2. Candies

Consider them part of the decoration of the overall theme of the party. Inspire your guests to indulge with these colorful and visual delights as they are cheap and easy to serve. You can keep them overflowing for the partygoers to nibble throughout the event. For simple yet truly kid-friendly treats, try Columbia’s Frooty Lollipos, VFresh Chewing gums, and everyone’s favorite, Potchi!

Columbia Candies

3. Wafers and Biscuits

You can consider the light variety from a butter biscuit tin or hand-rolled shortbreads. Generally, wafers should be crunchy and creamy; they are perfectly paired with tea and coffee. If you want specialty wafers and biscuits for your guests to enjoy, go for Gastone Lago Elledi, these are decadent wafers made in Italy. Light and crunchy Elledi wafers can easily compliment other treats as well such as ice cream and milkshakes. Simply, dunk it in as a topping!

Elledi Biscuits

4. Fruit, Dried fruits and Fruit Flavored Desserts

Fruits, besides being a healthy equalizer to your dessert tray, can also serve as natural palate cleansers. Add options for those who are on a special diet by adding fruits and fruit flavoured desserts. Consider minimally sweet confections, dried fruits, and frozen desserts with a hint of lemon.

Setting up your delicious dessert table need not be a chore, in fact this is the easiest thing you can do yourself given enough prep time. Just make sure you have enough hours to get everything together just before the party starts and use colorful decor to enhance your theme. Cheers!

11 thoughts on “Dessert Ideas for Your Party Dessert Table

  1. I also love dessert tables. Perhaps i always love sweets. Or I find them too cute and so adorable. Your candies, cupcakes and everything n your long table are just so yummy and beautiful to look at.

  2. Buffet Dessert table is very popular nowadays. I seldom attend parties but I like buffet dessert table especially if late magstart ang party, at least may nakakain. I love sweets so I like to eat cookies and cupcakes while waiting. Chocolate fondue is also good.

  3. Well the kids always love the sweets table! I like your animal theme and the rainbow cake! It all looks much better than when I was a kid when all we had was popcorn, red jelly, toffees and animal cookies all on plain plates! Things have changed!

  4. One of the things that I love to learn and master: the dessert table! Yours look really superb for me. From the cake, cupcakes, the candy pops, everything coordinates! It’s wonderful! I hope to know more ways on designing a dessert table. 🙂

  5. Wow! I love these ideas! One of my work mates is having a DIY party for her sons 1st birthday. I’ll definitely be sharing these with her 😀

  6. Here is one more gal with a sweet tooth 🙂 I love your colorful pictures and your tips and tricks on how to lay it on the dessert table! I can’t wait for the next birthday party.

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