Meet Your Daily Whole Grain Needs with Nestle Breakfast Cereals


Have you had your whole grain today?

According to studies, we should be consuming 3 servings / 48g of whole grain per day to achieve a better quality of diet and higher intakes of important nutrients like fiber, B-vitamins, and minerals such as Iron and Magnesium. Sadly though, 99% of Filipinos don’t even reach this amount.

That’s alarming, isn’t it?

But Why Whole Grains?

Importance of Whole Grains

Daily intake of whole grains also lead to the following benefits:

  • lower body weight
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • reduced risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually not that difficult to achieve the right amount of whole grains per day.

Yummy Sources of Whole Grain

Source of Whole Grains

Nestle Breakfast Cereals

The people at Nestlé were among those that acted upon the alarming truth that we hardly have enough whole grains in our diet. Their answer?

Make Whole Grain the number one ingredient in all Nestlé Breakfast Cereals!

Yes, that includes our favorite KOKO KRUNCH® too, yey!

“We believe breakfast is more than a good start to your day—it’s the foundation for a better future. We want moms to feel empowered to make informed and healthy choices, so they can provide the best nutrition for their children. We have made this easier by making whole grain the number one ingredient in all Nestlé Breakfast Cereals that are popular with school children and teens,” said Ece Durukan, Nestlé Regional Nutrition and External Affairs Manager for Asia, Middle East, Africa.

This is such a good news indeed to us moms because who needs to convince kids to eat their beloved KOKO KRUNCH®? If they could, they’d actually have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It’s nice to know that they actually get something good from eating it. 🙂

Koko Krunch

Don’t miss out on the benefits of eating whole grains. Make breakfast better with Nestlé Breakfast Cereals’ wide range of nutritious, tasty, and convenient whole grain cereals. For more information, visit


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