The Gruffalo – A Theatrical Play Perfect for the Kids

The Gruffalo - Live in Manila!

Kids these days get exposed to so many experiences at a very young age. We let them go on trips even if they won’t remember half of it. We bring them to movie houses even if they can barely sit still. We let them watch, we let them enjoy, we let them experience, we let them learn.

On that note, I am reminded that one of the things I haven’t yet introduced to the kids is watching theatre plays. I myself wasn’t able to watch theatrical plays until I was way too old. With so many child oriented theatre shows these days, there’s no reason to wait until they’re older.

And I just might have found the perfect show for them to watch – The Gruffalo.

It’s going to be showing at the RCBC Theatre from January 27-31, 2016.

As the title sounded familiar, I will soon learn that it is based on the award-winning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler of the same title. 

The Gruffalo - Live in Manila!


Mouse sets off on a daring adventure through the deep dark wood in search of hazelnuts, meeting the cunning Fox, the eccentric old Owl and the party mad Snake on the way. Will the story of the fabled Gruffalo save Mouse from ending up as dinner for these wily woodland creatures? Armed with only a nut map and a little courage, Mouse must outwit them all.

After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo, right? Or is there?

The Gruffalo - Live in Manila!

The Gruffalo - Live in Manila!

The Gruffalo - Live in Manila!

Songs, laughter and scary fun await children ages 3 and up in a show that’s toured around Britain and the world!

The Gruffalo – LIVE has grown into one of the biggest and most anticipated live shows in Hong Kong and Singapore. Manila can finally welcome the production this 2016! The Gruffalo – LIVE 2016 will be performed by a professional theatre company from the United Kingdom.

“In its four years, The Gruffalo – LIVE has grown into a major family entertainment event in both Hong Kong and Singapore,” says Matthew Gregory, Executive Producer of Hong Kong-based ABA Productions. “This show will provide a fun and educational experience that the whole family can enjoy. I truly hope that this will give children an opportunity to experience the magic of live theatre and expand their knowledge of the art.”  

Brought to Manila by Concertus Manila, in partnership with ABA Productions and Lunchbox Theatrical Productions. Special thanks to Nickelodeon.

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9 thoughts on “The Gruffalo – A Theatrical Play Perfect for the Kids

  1. The Gruffalo – sounds interesting to watch! This is a nice venue for bonding with my kiddos instead of watching in the movie theaters. I will ask my kids if they like to watch this play.

  2. Looked fun and so much interesting for the kids… I wish i could bring them to watch stage and musical plays. It has always been in my bucket list but still haven’t got the chance to squeeze it in my schedules…

  3. haven’t read the book, and haven’t watched any production of this theatre play, but iam sooo sure that my daughter would love to watch this or atleast read a book about this. She is soo into animal characters and she wnjoyed the Lion King so much.. I’m looking forward to watching this one with her…

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