Garden Trellis

How to Make a Garden Trellis

The community quarantine has made us all into something, wouldn’t you say? Some have turned into gourmet chefs, some into barbers, and still some into gardeners. I’ve recently taken up gardening myself, transforming our tiny balcony into pots of greens. I started out just collecting seeds from the fruits that we ate and germinating them. […]

How to Send Money to Smart Padala with Paymaya

Update: April 3, 2020. Added also instructions on how to send money to Palawan Express (see last part) With the enhanced quarantine casted over the whole metro, life, as we know it, has changed. A whole lot! In an effort to flatten the curve, we are all strictly following the Stay at Home protocol. One of the challenges, apart from sourcing food and supplies however, has been how the household staff […]

5 Reasons Why You'll Love ShopSM too!

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love ShopSM too!

Whew! The Holidays are finally over! After all the Christmas parties we’ve organized, gifts for classmates, officemates, kuya guards, ate helpers, inaanaks, and family members that we’ve prepared, trips that we’ve packed for and unpacked from, we moms, deserve a gift! I, for one, got myself mine already and they came today! Yipee! ShopSM You […]