How to Be a Kiddie Magician

How to be a Kiddie Magician

Since late last December, my mind has been all about Houdini, Blaine, and Copperfield. You see, come January, my son is to perform on a talent show for his class and he has chosen to be a…. (drumroll please…) MAGICIAN! Since he chose it already, I can only support it, right? Oh, how does one become a […]


Ever since DA got a LEGO set (a Sluban set actually) for his birthday, I’ve been having trouble finding some space. The set was placed on a plastic foldable table, which we also use for writing. Since the set occupied half of the table already, there was not much space for anything else, much less […]

DIY Greeting Card

DIY Teachers’ Day Gift Card

It’s that time of year again where we show our teachers, well, in our case, our child’s teachers, how much we appreciate their work.  While searching the net for Teachers’ Day gift ideas, I came across some sites/blogs where teachers actually spoke up about which gifts they truly loved from all that they’ve received through […]

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again when Christmas is near, when the Christmas tree comes out of the box along with the trimmings. Now, how do we decorate the tree again? Tell me ‘coz I forgot. Step 1: Assemble the Tree Unless you’ll be using a real tree, you would normally have to assemble the tree first. […]

Halloween Treats Packaging

Halloween Treats Packaging

For this Halloween, I’ve decided to add a little extra cuteness to the treats the kids will be getting when they knock on our doors. Look at these little monsters who have taken residence in our cupboard! Scary or cutie? Materials Empty Bottles (I used sardine bottles) or any other container Markers Crayons Papers Ruler Scissors […]