A Date with Me

On the rare chance that I got to spend some alone time with him, I fell in love with my youngest son (DS). We were en route to pick up the new househelp that same night the yaya left (Related Post: Top 10 Yaya Answers). Not having a capable someone to leave DS with, I brought him along. The husband was […]

Yaya Blues

My yaya blues have finally been resolved yesterday. Or so I thought. A relative’s yaya referred to us her neighbors from the province who were asking for a place to work. They were previously working in a company in Bulacan and were not happy and had expressed wishes to work as kasambahays (house help). Perfect! […]

Top 10 Yaya Answers

A couple of days ago, our kasambahay said that she will be leaving us already. When asked why, she just gave a vague “may aasikasuhin kasi ako” and did not explain further. I’ve since prodded her to say more but haven’t been successful. I have asked about the usual concerns like compensation, load work, rest, […]