What’s Up with Me

I haven’t done a post in a while which had my brother asking what I’ve been up to lately. Aww, someone misses me… Haha!  Anyway, so here’s a quick update to those who are concerned. 🙂 So excited about the photoshoot that I prepared for it the whole week. I did manage to squeeze in making this […]

Dear 4AM Parent

To you who got the number 1 slot in the school registration last Saturday, congratulations! While the rest of us were still in deep slumber, you slipped away at the crack of dawn, went to your child’s soon-to-be nursery school and fell in line, surprising even the oldest of the security staff. As far as […]

Homesonic Scam

Several months ago, I received a call on our landline from an agent saying that for being a PLDT subscriber, my name had been chosen in their raffle and that I have won a prize. I was not familiar with the prize though, it sounded like some sort of card. She went on to say […]

A Date with Me

On the rare chance that I got to spend some alone time with him, I fell in love with my youngest son (DS). We were en route to pick up the new househelp that same night the yaya left (Related Post: Top 10 Yaya Answers). Not having a capable someone to leave DS with, I brought him along. The husband was […]

Yaya Blues

My yaya blues have finally been resolved yesterday. Or so I thought. A relative’s yaya referred to us her neighbors from the province who were asking for a place to work. They were previously working in a company in Bulacan and were not happy and had expressed wishes to work as kasambahays (house help). Perfect! […]