Gotta Love these Belo Baby Hand Sanitizers

Quick question, what’s that something that you must always have in your bag? Moms like me have so many things in our bags but one thing that must be present is the hand sanitizer. Agree? Mind you, I’m not the neat-freak kind of person. I know of someone who has a whole arsenal of antibacs and […]

Feeling Fresh and Fruity with Kids Plus

Feeling Fresh and Fruity with Kids Plus

One of my 2016 discoveries are these colorful Kids Plus bath items from Tupperware Brands. Yes, it’s the same brand that gave us those plastic containers, which were so popular during our moms’ time. I was surprised to learn that they now carry baby and kids bath items! Below are the kids’ version and I […]

What’s Inside MINISO Philippines?

Lately, everyone’s been talking about MINISO, a Japanese brand that has found its way here in the Philippines. I finally found the chance to visit their newly-opened branch in SM Manila and I’m so excited to share with you the things I saw and of course, the things I bought! Teeheehee! These line of cosmetics […]