How to Apply for Korean Visa as a Family

Updated: October 6, 2018. This was first posted here on March 2015. Our family recently applied for a Korean Visa and thankfully, we were all granted one. Whew! The new and stricter requirements implemented early this month (March 2015) gave us quite a scare. I’ll detail here the steps and requirements for a typical family consisting […]

Zero Waste Birthday Party in School

School birthday parties are generally simple to organize, that is, until I decided to make ZERO WASTE as a requirement. Fast food kiddie/happy meals are typically the easiest way to go as they already come with food, drinks, and giveaways. Thinking about all the trash (used plastic forks and spoons, used plastic cups, used food […]

Renew US Visa via Dropbox

How to Renew US Visa via Dropbox

If you have an expired (within 12 months) or expiring US Visa, you may be able to renew it without having to schedule an interview with the US Embassy. Yey, right? I just got our passports back and ta-da! That’s all via dropbox and it’s super easy! I’ll walk you through how. Qualifications To qualify for […]

What to Do after You've Fully Paid Your Car Loan

What to Do after You’ve Fully Paid Your Car Loan

So you’ve finally paid off your car loan! Hooray! Now what? The next thing to do is get your original car documents back, have the mortgage and encumbrance cancelled. How? 1. Get Original Documents from the Bank This may be the bank or any other financial institution that you’ve taken your loan from. Call ahead […]

101 Ways to Use Vaseline Jelly

101 Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I posted the photo below showing my rusty craft tool (right). Did you know that you can put Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on tools or even bicycle chromes before storing them to keep the rust at bay? I wish I had known that before […]

5 Tips on Weaning a Toddler

5 Tips on Weaning a Toddler

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big believer that breast is really best. When your child is nearing three already however, it feels more like harassment. Truly, it does. He’s old enough to get his nourishment from real food so I think he just does it more for getting to sleep than anything else. […]

5 Photobook Questions You've been Dying to Ask me, Answered

5 Photobook Questions You’ve been Dying to Ask me, Answered

Everyone who has seen my photobooks wants to have one made too.  They’ve constantly asked me about the how’s and the where’s of it. I’ve decided to dedicate a post to answering those questions. Why make a photobook? Why not? It’s a beautiful way to showcase your travel photos, your baby’s month-by-month photos, even your Instagram photos. […]