Holiday Gifts for Moms


How’s your Christmas shopping going?

Me? Uhmm, I’m actually having a hard time looking for gifts to give.

Will this gift be useful to them? Will they like it, love it, or just forget about it?

How nice it would be if there could be a gift guide for all the types of people we’d be giving gifts to, huh? What to give the fashionista? The techy? The bookie? The preggy?

I thought I’d get the list going by making one that I can very much relate to.

The mom. The old, the new, and the in-betweens.

1. Plan, Cook, Eat (National Bookstore. P290)

One of the toughest things to do as homemaker is to come up with a list of things to eat that are healthy and appetizing, and more importantly, not nakakasawa (always repeating). While browsing the bookstore, I found Plan, Cook, Eat, a menu planner from Yummy, and it seems to be the perfect thing that can help lighten up this load.

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

It has weekly pages where you can plot out meals and keep track of the food you’ve cooked up so as not to repeat the same ones at too close intervals. It also has recipes to help you take inspiration from, helping you become that kitchen diva!

 Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

There is also a foodcyclopedia at the end of the planner that helps you use words like chiffonade and ganache as if you’re a true culinary expert. Apart from that, there is also a grocery list for you to write down what you need to stock up on and pretty sticker labels you can use to decorate gifts you’ve lovingly prepared from your own kitchen.

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

2. Chopping Blocks (Crate and Barrel. P1900 and up)

Still on the topic of homemaking, if you’ve watched cooking shows on TV, the chefs there always use these big wooden blocks to chop on. Watching them actually makes me want to get one for myself just to “feel” like a true chef. LOL!

Anyway, they do add quite a nice touch to any kitchen and also add character to the food prepared. I found these at the newly opened Crate and Barrel at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. The prices are a bit steep though so best to reserve this only for the serious cooks.

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

3. Skechers GoWalk (Planet Sports/Zalora. Starts at P3,295)

I have heard soooo many good things about the Skechers GoWalk. They seem to be the most comfortable pair of walking shoes, e-ver. I have yet to try them though. If the reviews are indeed true, any mom would definitely need this as she runs so many errands in a day – walk the dog, walk the kids, buy groceries, pay bills…all that while carrying a baby in one arm! A mom’s feet would definitely thank the high heavens for these shoes that, as they say, are engineered for comfort. I’ve spotted these at Planet Sports and also online at Zalora (Asia’s leading online fashion destination), and they look so nice! I especially love the top-sider styled ones (not in photo).

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms
Photo from Skechers PH Facebook Page


4. CFO Coin Purse (Zalora, P250)

Still browsing Zalora, I found this colorful coin purse with the perfect job title for any mom, Chief Financial Officer. 🙂 Apart from the bold statement, it’s also perfect for cash, coins, clips, candies, crayons and all other knick-knacks. It’s charming and slightly rumpled texture adds an ultra-cool, handmade appeal. I’m thinking this would be perfect inside my big bag, easy to spot, easy to get, just the bait I need for the tot who keeps getting everything out of my bag! 😛

If you’re looking for more coolness like this, you can shop for chic slim wallets here.

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms
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5. Photobooks (Photobook Philippines. Starts at P89)

Photobooks or anything personalized. Moms love seeing pictures of her family in hardbound books, in calendars, in coffee mugs, in walls, in just about anything! Do check out the deal sites frequently as they are almost always there. Take a look at this deal at MetroDeal that offers a 40-page photobook for only P89!

Holiday Gift Guide for Moms
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10 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts for Moms

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Vivienne! 🙂 Photobooks make nice gifts. I bought myself some vouchers but haven’t gotten around to gathering the photos though.

  1. Oooh, I like the Plan, cook and eat planner! I already have a couple of friends in my list that I want to give that to. 🙂 Those chopping boards are too pricey, though, haha. Anyway, we’re doing lots of DIYs this year for gifts.

  2. Most of the time I also ran out of gift ideas. Luckily, I love taking photos so what I do is print them out, have it framed and it becomes a personalized gift. 🙂

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