Ky’s Whimsical Cat in the Hat Birthday Party


Whew! Finally done with Ky’s 1st birthday party! I do hope everyone had a fab and grand time that day! I’ll share with you some photos and a little writeup of this fun and one of a kind (well, at least here in the Philippines!) themed party.

Inspiration I wanted a party theme that has uniqueness written all over it. I didn’t want the usual Disney characters that everyone seems to be using already. While searching for a theme, I remembered the Dr. Seuss iPad apps that I was able to download back when I was still pregnant with Ky. When he was still in my tummy, I used to read to him, with matching sounds for all the different characters! Being a rhymer myself, I was awed with Dr. Seuss’s skill and creativity. As a tribute to his greatness and as a way to express my own creativity, I thus decided on this theme.

Design Since this theme is uncommon here, there were no available designs from party organizers. If ever there was, I didn’t like it.  so I really had to do my own. The designs I made included those for the invitation, backdrop, entrance, lootbag, nametag,  photo booth, cake, guestbook, and dessert table. Oops! That’s basically everything!

ImageThe entrance design (below) was inspired by the Seussical theme park in Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida named Seuss Landing.ImageThere is a version of Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday to You book that really serves as a party guestbook. I couldn’t find it in any of the bookstores here so I decided to just make a guestbook out of every month of photos Ky has since birth. For the cover, I took a quote from the book and made the last phrase Happy Birthday to Me! as the title.ImageStage and Dessert Table (Ugh! Hate how the organizer didn’t remove the black border on top! Can’t follow simple instructions!)ImageThing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcake TowerImage Cat in the Hat Themed Desserts for the Dessert Table: Cookies, Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Oreo HatsImageLootbags were personalized for each of our young guests, red for the girls, blue for the boys.Image Fun Fun Fun Photobooth!Image

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  1. hi, great party! im thinking of the same theme for my son. who did the backdrop-entrance-giveaways of your sons party? 🙂

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