Our DIY School at Home



I made this by tracing the plastic shapes (got the shapes from a separate toy) onto a paper. I then had the paper laminated and stuck velcro onto each shape and its counterpart on the paper. This is stuck on our door at his eye level.



With the success of our DIY shapes, I decided to do the same for the letters. Aside from the letters though, I also drew the corresponding picture for each letter (e.g. Apple for the letter A, Ball for B). I was afraid that the letters will be misplaced so I put another velcro board in the middle to hold the letters when they’re not in their proper place.



I initially made the Montessori bead stair for the numbers. I even painted them accordingly and put nail polish for a shiny finish. My efforts proved futile however as he’s more interested in pointing out that they smell bad than learning about it.


Here’s another try at numbers. I saw this numbers panel being sold in a toy store so I decided to make my own. I cut out the numbers from an eva foam and stuck them onto rectangular foam boards so that they’re hard and durable. I then used buttons to denote the quantity. The colorful numbers seem to catch his attention so that’s a start!


Practical Life

Picking up Stuffs. I cut out an egg tray to be used as the tray. I then crumpled some paper and used kitchen tongs as the tool to pick them up.


Busy House. This was supposed to be just a busy board with locks, chains, switches, and stuffs to keep the boy’s hands busy. His grandfather was not contented with just a board though so he made a house to go with it. There are knobs, switches, padlocks, hasps, even a light bulb inside! If the little boy’s not tinkering with the locks or windows, you’d find him hiding inside the house, waiting to play peek-a-boo!


Others. Our other practical life lessons include transferring items from one container to the other, putting strings in a hole, and pinching clothespins. Image

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