5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

Parenting is truly hard. There’s no real manual to follow, no Dummies book, no K.I.S.S. book. Heck, it’s even tougher than programming (yes, I was into it before I became a SAHM). There’s no concrete “If this, Then that”. It’s all trial and error and continuous adaptive learning.

It’s a good thing that there are the likes of Smart Parenting that holds parenting workshops to help us by. I was fortunate enough to attend the first leg of Smart Parenting’s Mom Workshops last May 21, 2016 at Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas.

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

The topic was so apt for me as it was All about Toddlers, covering feeding and nutrition, effective storytelling tips and disciplining children.

Feeding and Nutrition


  • Speaker: Velvet Escario-Roxas. An international resource person who holds regular classes and seminars such as Tamang Kain: Infant and Child Feeding and Nutrition. She is also the Deputy Executive Director of Arugaan, a support system for women with infants and young children.

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

  • Formula Milk is NOT Necessary

    I was surprised when the speaker shared that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s not actually necessary to give our children formula milk. That is, if you’re able to give the same nutrition from their food (Did you know that sesame seeds are a good source of calcium?). It’s better to get the nutrients the natural way, without the formula and without all the added sugar that comes with it.

A parent from the audience even asked what to do if his toddler refuses any other food but milk. Ms. Velvet was quick to answer that he can cut out the milk and let his child try real food. The child eventually will if he does not have any other source of food and he gets hungry. This will be beneficial in the long run as chewing is a precursor to talking.

  • Let Children Play with Different Textures

    What the child plays with actually affects his food preference. A child who is sensory deprived (e.g. only plays with plastic toys, does not get his hands dirty) may have trouble trying out certain food textures. Ms. Velvet’s advice is to let them play outside, feel the floor, smell the air, play with wood – let their senses be fully engaged. Along with this, introduce different kinds of food to them.

Effective Storytelling Tips


  • Speaker: Gutch Gutierrez. An author and illustrator of children’s books, whose most noteworthy work, Day of Darkness, won a Kid’s Choice Awards at the National Children’s Book Awards in 2014. He is also the man behind the YouTube channel StoryTellerMNL, where they read children’s books from the Philippines.

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

  • 3 E’s: Emphasis, Emotion, Enjoy

    I was nodding my head the whole time on this because I tend to do that when I read books to my kids, much to my husband’s discomfort. He thinks I’m crazy when I do it. LOL! Animate your voice, live with the characters. It’s more fun that way. As for the emphasis, depending on where you put the emphasis on your sentences, you can highlight to your child the lesson you want him to learn.

  • Have a Happy Marriage

    The greatest story you can ever tell your children is a great marriage. Period.

Disciplining Children


  • Speaker: Michelle Lichauco-Tambunting Ed.M. Co-founder and Directress of Young Creative Minds Preschool.

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

  • Toddlers are like Cavemen

    She based this on Dr. Harvey Karp’s book The Happiest Toddler on the Block. I actually have read the main parts of that book so I was nodding the whole time also. I seem to have forgotten to use the lessons there though as I am having trouble with my second toddler.

    Anyway, toddlers are indeed like cavemen. They have poor control of emotions. They shout, they grunt, they go wild. Whenever they have a meltdown, no amount of reasoning from us can make them understand. What we need to do is to mirror their emotions. If they’re angry, act like you are one too. Vocalize their emotions. “You’re angry. You want ice cream…” I’ve recently been trying it and it does work. It catches their attention. My son would nod a yes amidst his crying. That’s the time that I would inject “but you need to eat dinner first”. It’s actually effective. Give it a go.

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

I was so glad to have joined. Apart from the experts’ insights, I also learned a lot from the experiences of other moms who shared a question or contributed an answer. All throughout the program, there were tons of raffle prizes given away. ALL the participants took home super cool prizes from the sponsors. It sure made the registration fee of P400 super worth it!

Just to mention, the sponsors for the event were: Major: Belo Baby, Calpol, and Insular Life, Minor: Scott’s, and partner concessionaires of Smart Parenting – Baby Mama, Fatty Brainy Toys, Giant Carrier, Home SuitesMr. and Mrs. Green PH, Potty N Tubby, Sweet Creations by MUMS, The Eco Bag BoutiqueTiny BudsSmart Steps, and Cudsly.com.

I won this Chateux folding bed from Home Suite, by the way.

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

And inside the loot bag are more exciting stuffs.

5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

 Do watch out for the next leg of Smart Parenting Mom Workshops! I’m watching out for it myself. 🙂

17 thoughts on “5 Parenting Tips from Smart Parenting Mom Workshop

    1. Helpful nga. Just being around other moms is helpful also because you share your experiences and we all learn from each other. 🙂

  1. I should’ve registered on this workshop. Anyway, it looks fun and I think moms learned a lot from this one as well! Just as reading this, I did learn also. Sayang lang talaga at hindi ako nakapag-register! Hopefully there would be a next one for toddlers din! Hehe! Thank you for sharing and congrats on the folding bed 😉

  2. I have two thoughts.

    1. On milk. Little known fact is that milk is indeed not a necessity and many products in the market come with sugar.

    2. On mirroring, I really have trouble grasping the concept. In my case, when my kids are giving me trouble such as tantrum, what works was waiting them out. Let them finish. I do not engage. Mirroring negative attitude is tantamount to affirming it is correct, isn’t it? I’d say mirroring positives are better approaches as it reinforces good attitudes.

    1. On mirroring. What I did was if toddler was crying at the top of his lungs, I try to match a louder voice for him to hear me. I then use super short words that repeats what he wants so that he’ll know that I understood him. Seems to work. Haha.

  3. This is good to read. I even shared this to my mommy group in FB because our babies are almost of the same ages. In my case, my son just turned 1-year-old and I have to prepare myself for the tantrums and more kakulitan. Haha. Oh well, motherhood. It’s just empowering lang din talaga when you get to meet other mommies who do go through the same situations as yours, noh? That’s why I love attending workshops and seminars that have something to do with Mommies. 🙂

    1. Thanks Michelle 🙂 Yes, I agree that it’s so helpful to meet other moms who are in the same boat. It makes you learn a lot.

  4. I hope to join one of their workshops too. This is very beneficial to us moms. We can definitely adapt ideas that we think is best for us.

  5. Interesting insights… I never thought sensory growth of kiddos has something to do with the food they’ll like when they grow.

  6. I attended the Smart Parenting Baby Shower several weeks ago and had a great time. So I really wanted to attend this workshop as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. Good to know that this is only the first leg. Can’t wait to find out what the next workshop will be and when. 🙂

  7. Happy to know that Velvet was one of the speakers. A lovely lady and one of my mentors in breastfeeding peer counseling. 🙂 it’s true that follow on milk is no longer needed when the child weans. Focusing on giving healthy and nutritious food is the key. 🙂

  8. Oh yes about marriage. Specifically, in how we treat each other. As I’ve said before to my friends, if you love your children, honor their father. When my children see how well my husband and I get along, they are happy and it shows in their faces. But when they know that we’re having a conflict, I can also see the sadness and confusion in their eyes.

  9. I would love to attend the next workshops! Very helpful to parents, specially first time moms like me. Thanks for sharing what you learned! May natutunan din ako! 😀

  10. Wow! Ms. Velvet of BFP! I actually followed the tamang kain principle with skye. And I’m so glad I did coz Skye turned out to be great with food. Talagang di picky eater and very easy pakainin 🙂 I must read that happiest toddler book. Ang hirap ng toddler na. Hahahah..

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