Book your Uber Ice Cream this July 15!


Be part of the world’s largest celebration of our favorite frozen treat, as Uber, the world’s leading ridesharing application, brings Uber Ice Cream to the streets of Metro Manila. Now on its third year in the country’s largest metropolis, Uber encourages everyone to indulge in their favorite ice-cold treat with their friends and loved ones with this year’s theme “Indulge Together.”

Uber Ice Cream is happening in over 400 cities in 69 countries around the world this July 15.

This year, Uber partnered with Unilever in creating magical ice cream delivery experiences for riders by delivering Magnum Infinity ice cream bars in various areas across the globe.

“Uber, aside from helping in decongesting Metro Manila’s streets, aims to help people indulge together through our common passion for ice cream,” stated Laurence Cua, Uber Philippines general manager. “This year, we are bringing this big Uber ice cream social to over 400 cities worldwide and over a million people will enjoy their favorite ice cream together.”

How to Join

To participate, simply open your Uber app between 11am to 3pm this Friday, July 15, 2016, set your location, and select ICE CREAM. Once connected, order away and your special Magnum ice cream bars will be delivered curbside in minutes. Runners will deliver four bars of Magnum ice cream for a discounted rate of just P199 and together with the delectable frozen treat every delivery comes with a surprise.

Uber Ice Cream

 Uber Ice Cream will be available in the following areas within Metro Manila:

  • Legaspi and Salcedo Villages, Makati
  • Greenhills, San Juan
  • Ortigas Center, Pasig
  • The Fort BGC, Taguig
  • Eastwood, Quezon City
  • Katipunan, Quezon City
  • Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • Taft Ave., Manila
  • Cubao, Quezon City

This Friday, Uber is encouraging everyone to take a few minutes off your day and enjoy ice cream with your friends and family. To mark the event, participants can take a groupie while enjoying their Magnum bars and share it through their social media pages and use the hashtag #UberIceCream.

14 thoughts on “Book your Uber Ice Cream this July 15!

  1. That’s great. I love ice cream :). It’s awesome that you can order via the app on that day. Unfortunately I don’t live in the Philippines, so I won’t be able to order it. Otherwise I’m sure I would have. Great initiative!

  2. I thought it’s gonna be free. I actually wondered how the Uber drivers are gonna deliver all those ice creams without these melting. 🙂 Anyway, still a fun celebration. I’m gonna show this to my friends who frequently use Uber.

  3. this is a great treat! Magnum Infinity ice cream bars sound so encouraging to ride by Uber. Haha. Ortigas would be the best place for me. Excited with the surprise! 🙂

  4. Uber just rocks! How do they even come up with such ideas? I wish they had toys initiative in India as well…really cool initiative, and wonderfully explained by you 🙂

  5. I’d be honest I’ve never tried to use Uber before! haha. GrabTaxi, yes, once. GrabCar, yes, once too! Pero the thought of ice cream is inviting. lol. The only problem is I’m a home person and I don’t go out too often. I’m sure sa bahay lang din ako on July 15. Bili nalang kami ice cream. haha.

  6. Nice treat from Uber. I have not tried their service but I have the app installed. I have always used Grab before. And really, Uber helped in decongesting? Hehehe.

  7. Lovely to read that Uber obviously is doing well in other countries. In Germany , where I am from originally , the taxi drivers are giving Uber a really hard time . As far as I know is Uber set on ‘time off’ at the moment , at least in some cities as far as I heard. The taxi drivers complained about their business going down-hill , and now all Uber chauffeurs need to undergo a special qualification test ( of course that comes with costs ! ) to get a special license. It’s a bad world , instead of sending ice cream around with Uber , look what they are causing. Could be Uber’s end .

  8. Everyone can start booking for ice creams now 🙂 I wonder what’s the discount in their offered rate. In the past, Magnum costs just PhP 50. If ever we’re booking, it would be for the surprise that comes with the delivery. I wonder what the surprise is and how many ice cream will be delivered.

  9. I really want to trybthis but it’s not available in my area. I’m curious, did you try it? Because I was thinking how they’ll bring the ice cream given the traffic and if it will melt. I hope I could join this delicious treat next time.

  10. Such a nice treat! though to be honest, I haven’t used uber yet. im hearing good reviews about it and this ice cream thingy is a good way to at least treat their loyal customers. 🙂

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