DreamPlay Extends King Julien’s Dance Off Competition


Do you want to win P100,000? (Yes, yes, yes!)

Well, if your child and his/her friends are into dancing, then you’re in luck! DreamPlay just extended the deadline for submission of entries to the King Julien’s Dance Off competition to next Saturday, July 9, 2016!

DreamPlay Extends King Julien's Dance Off Competition


  • Open to all kids ages 7 to 14 years old, 3 to 6 members in a group.
  • Groups may be composed of all boys, all girls or mixed.
  • Interested groups can register via the DreamPlay Dance Off website. Interested parties may also send an email request to dreamplay@cod-manila.com or call 691 8899. A copy of the entry form shall be sent to the contestant’s email address.
  • The contestants must then submit the completed entry form, a group photo, and the dance video to the DreamPlay Dance Off website.
  • Dance video must use any English song.
  • Dance video must not exceed a total of two minutes and a video file size of 25 MB.
  • Pyrotechnics of any sort are not allowed in the presentation.
  • Only one (1) video per dance group is allowed as an entry submission.


  1. Php 80,000.00 in cash
  2. DreamPlay Trophy
  3. DreamPlay Annual Free Pass as DP Ambassador
  4. DreamShop Voucher worth Php 8,000.00
  5. Chez Gingy Voucher worth Php 8,000.00
  6. An overnight voucher at Nobu Hotel (3 rooms-breakfast included)
  7. Dining Privilege at Hyatt Café Voucher for 8 persons
  8. Photo Op with DreamWorks Characters
  9. Special Invitation to DreamPlay Special Event

*The five grand finalists will receive P10,000 in cash per group.

Grand Finals will be on held on July 16, 2016, 1PM at the Grand Ballroom of City of Dreams Manila where the 6 finalists will be performing live. Only six groups will qualify and compete live with up to five-minute performances. King Julien himself, who was recently announced as DreamPlay’s newest character, will be performing in the event and will celebrate with guests in this momentous activity.

First Anniversary Celebration

This competition is part of DreamPlay’s first anniversary celebration, which was celebrated last June 10, 2016. Here are some photos from the event.

DreamPlay Extends King Julien's Dance Off Competition

DreamPlay First Anniversary Celebration
The Mandaluyong Children’s Choir sang the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack “Kung Fu Fighting” with kung fu-style choreography, as well as other songs from DreamWorks franchises
DreamPlay First Anniversary Celebration
City of Dreams Manila Property President Geoff Andres
DreamPlay First Anniversary Celebration
Celebrity guest Tessa Prieto-Valdes and her daughter Athena blow the candle of the DreamPlay cake and were joined by City of Dreams Family Entertainment Center Head Tourino Dilaga

For more about DreamPlay, you can check out What to see Inside DreamPlay City of Dreams Manila


28 thoughts on “DreamPlay Extends King Julien’s Dance Off Competition

  1. 100,000 pesos… “What do I do?” And then, “Oh.” It’s for kids and a dance competition. I am not qualified. Hahaha. I wish all the participants a good time and that the parents would guide their children on the spirit of healthy competition instead of being locked by greed on the top prize!

  2. King Julien is definitely the funniest character in Madagascar. The weird accent, the dance and his way of rapping or something. I do agree that it would be nice if it will be a parent-child contest instead. That would both be fun and funny.

  3. I wish I joined a dance or a singing competition when I was a kid. I just think it’s a great way to boost the confidence of children. Speaking of, my niece likes to dance and she’s pretty good at it. Maybe I should relay this information to her mom.

  4. Oh , how sweet does that look. I bet , the kids will have the time of their lifes in there ! Would have been interesting to get a vague idea about the price , will try to find out the equivalent in US dollar.

  5. Wow, the prizes are good! I’d want to join, if only I am qualified. 🙂 This is a good way to encourage kids to show off their talent. By the way, I like the character of King Julien. 🙂

  6. This is a good opportunity for kids to develop their talents and skills. I’m sure not all will win but we must help the kids that they aren’t losers and that they gained great bonding with new people and awesome experience.

  7. Such a cool event for kids ! Just like Robert said, I hope that parents won’t put to much pressure on their kids for winning. The important is to have fun and this event’ seems very funny for kids. I remember participating on “competitions” similar to this as a kid, my parents were always supportive and telling to have fun and learn from the experience. Never pressure about the prize. As long as you do your best and enjoy, it’s all that matters

  8. This is so amazing. My nephew and niece would nail it. I am definitely gonna register their names. Thanks a ton for sharing!!!

  9. I wish my kids were older so they can join! The prizes are awesome. It’s great that there’s a COD here in Manila already – hopefully they expand the kid-friendly areas and activities, similar to Macau.

  10. I grew up watching a ton of Dreamworks animation titles and I continue to do so until now. Plenty of marketing stuff happening in City of Dreams Manila. I hope they recover from their losses last year 🙁

  11. Haven’t been to Dreamplay yet but I have heard of good reviews for quite some time now.
    Much as I would like to win, my son is way below their age requirement. Next time, maybe? 😀

  12. I love this character. He always lighten up the mood. I love the idea of dance competition! I have to wait it out though, little girl is not yet qualified. hehehe

  13. This is one of those moments that I PRAY (note the all caps, haha) I was gifted with a talent for dancing. 🙂 But anyhow, I’m not a child. So I hope my son will one day learn how to dance for opportunities like this even if there’s no one to inherit the talent from (my husband doesn’t dance, too). 🙂 This is such a great way for the kids to bond with a chance to win while enjoying. How exciting!

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