How do I Know when it’s Time to go to the Delivery Room already?

Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2016

How can you look stylish and sexy even when your belly (and the rest of you) is growing bigger everyday? How do you know when it’s time to go to the hospital already? How do you communicate with your new bundle of joy when all she can do is cry?

These are just some of the questions answered in the last leg of Smart Parenting’s Baby Shower 2016. I’ve had two kids already and yet I still found myself hanging on to every word from the experts.

Pregnancy Fashion

Former fashion editor at Candy Magazine, Margaux Alampay, talked about beauty and fashion for pregnant mommies.

Pregnancy Fashion Talk by Margaux Alampay

Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy Fashion

  • Do find inspiration but don’t compare yourself with others
  • Do love your new curves. Flaunt them, girl! Don’t try to cover up the bump.
  • Do follow your personal style. Don’t limit yourself to “traditional’ maternity wear.
  • Do go for clean, sleek lines. Don’t add unnecessary volume (e.g. ruffles)
  • Do stay trendy but classy but don’t force it (e.g. heels too high for comfort).

Labor and its Signs

Chiqui Brosas, an experienced childbirth educator and doula since the 1990’s and a breastfeeding advocate since 1997, shared her expertise and knowhow about labor.

Don’t Go Early

The average labor time is at 12-24 hours with the first stage, Early Labor, at 7-10 hours! If there is no sign of danger or the water bag did not break yet, one does not have to go to the hospital immediately. It’s far more comfortable to wait it out at home than be alone in the labor room writhing in pain.

I actually did this when my second child was due. I felt the contractions at dawn but I just timed and noted it down, not wanting to leave my then toddler alone with the yaya when the sun was not yet out. #sepanx

Time your contractions. Note it from beginning to beginning and also time the duration. E.g. Coming every 15 minutes and lasts for 30 seconds.

When to Go

When the contractions come every 4 minutes and is at 1-minute long (ughhhh!) then it’s time to head to the delivery room already. This stage is called Active Labor.

But Go Immediately when there are these Dangerous Signs

  • Presence of blood (heavy, menstrual bleeding type)
  • Breaking of the Water Bag
  • Breaking of the Water Bag with Meconium, the baby’s poop (Greenish, looks like laing)
  • Excruciating Pain

When the Water Breaks

When the water bag breaks, do not walk as this might cause the umbilical cord to fall and get tangled. A short walk to the car is fine but get a wheelchair if you can. I was actually in the mall when my water broke during my first pregnancy. I did not know about this information then. Whew! Good thing, everything went fine.

Baby Signing

Independent certified instructor for baby sign language, Sharon Galang, taught us a few signs and showed us how she was able to communicate better with her young daughter through signing.

I’ve meant to try baby signing with the kids when they were still babies. I think I’ve managed to include a few signs like milk and more before feeling silly doing it. Maybe I’d give it another try this time around because there are quite a lot of benefits from it.

Here’s a video of Sharon Galang’s daughter doing some of the signs.

I highly encourage expectant moms to attend this very informational FREE event. You just have to pre-register to join. Watch out for the next legs coming this 2017! 🙂

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