Learning Calligraphy with Crafters and Scrappers

Learning Calligraphy with Crafters and Scrappers


Calligraphy is so trending these days! You see it being used literally everywhere. And why not? It makes the letters look so pretty and so artsy and so nice.

I’ve always wanted to learn the art, especially the modern kind. 

I was so glad then for an invitation from ZPosts Manila to take up basic calligraphy at Crafters Marketplace in Rustan’s, Shangri-La Plaza.

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

Crafters Marketplace is the learning studio of Crafters and Scrappers. Alongside it is also a little store that features art tools and products for sale. 

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

Alma Ramirez (in photo) co-owns Crafters and Scrappers with Sunshine See

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

For that class, our instructor was the very talented Larriza Castro.

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

On each of our place was a folder, a pen, and a bottle of ink. I was actually surprised to see that we would be using this kind of calligraphy pen. Isn’t this so 1800’s? It also looks so intimidating.

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

Inside the folder were basic calligraphy instructions…

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

And practice sheets! Calligraphy, as teacher Larriza said, is all about practice practice practice! 

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

That’s everyone hard at work. The number of students was small enough that we were each given enough attention. Once we all got the hang of it, it started to become fun and relaxing. 

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

Practice practice practice. Once we popped, we just couldn’t stop. 🙂

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

Here are some of my work. I do need to practice more though before I can achieve the look that I want. I’m so glad though to have taken this first step. I need to get myself a nib and ink first though. 🙂

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

Here’s a repost from Teacher Larriza’s Instagram (art.ticulate).

Learning Calligraphy at Crafters and Scrappers

Crafters and Scrappers has a long list of workshops and I want to attend them all! There’s watercoloring, doodling, polymer clay making,… I have to find the time soon! I’m such a frustrated crafter, after all.

For more info about their schedules and workshops, you can visit their Facebook page.


27 thoughts on “Learning Calligraphy with Crafters and Scrappers

  1. We’ve studied Calligraphy when I was in high school. We’re just writing A-Z letters in graphing paper and I’ve never imagined that it would become a trend. Hate ko pa nga dati kasi ang hirap alisin ng ink sa kamay and ulit sa umpisa pag may maling stroke. hehehe! But now, I would like to try this again.

    1. Oh, that’s cool! One of the students din mention nga na if only this was what they took in school instead of stenography. It seems more useful now that it’s so trending hehe.

  2. My handwriting is so bad, i fear calligraphy will eat me out alive. Your works looks so good though… makes me want to try this activity myself.

  3. hahahaha about the 1800’s but doesn’t it make you feel like you’re in the Romantic era? Think Shakespeare! I’m currently trying to learn Calligraphy too, and I aim to buy a set of those pens. As of now, I use the Kuretake colored pens. They’re cheaper haha. 69 only Scribbled.

    1. Hahaha! I also got myself a few Kuretake pens yesterday at Natio. Ang mahal, P97 each. Huhuhu. Same ba na yung with scroll on one side and brush on the other?

  4. My son and I also attended one of Crafters Marketplace’s calligraphy workshops and we both enjoyed it. We practice at home and we would often laugh at our handwritings. Calligraphy somehow helps me reach out to my son. He is often quiet or seen watching basketball alone. Now, he is also somehow loosening up. Again, thanks to that same interest in calligraphy.

    1. Wow, that’s a very nice bonding opportunity. I’m surprised he agreed to it as boys usually are not into writing noh? Hehe 🙂

  5. I haven’t attended a calligraphy workshop. I follow a lot of calligraphers in IG and take note of their strokes when I practice. I found calligraphy intimidating and difficult to control the ink so I decided to shift to brush calligraphy using brush pens. I use Kuretake too but my favorite brush pen is the Tombow brand. Sana may calligraphy meet up tayong mga mommy bloggers!

  6. Calligraphy is such a stress-relieving activity for me. Once you get the hang of the strokes, it will be like second nature, almost like regular penmanship to you. I actually prefer calligraphy over brush lettering — I find the latter harder!

  7. I love love writing! I was best in penmanship awardee because I wrote legibly in cursive. Teehee. 🙂 But, of course, calligraphy has a higher learning curve. I enjoy strokes lang when writing. I was able to attend one of their workshops but it was zen doodling. I’d love to attend something like this.

  8. I wanted to learn calligraphy also! Seems you had a really nice time learning. Kaso, I’m afraid that my hand will fail kasi pasmado na hehehehehe.

  9. I had a chance to watch a video of a man doing calligraphy last week and it is so comforting for an OC like me. I want to learn doing it, too. But you’re right. Then pens are intimidating to use. Hehe

  10. I also wanted to learn calligraphy! It looks so easy on videos! Though I know they’re not as easy when I’m going to do it personally bec 1, I may not know where to start and 2, I don’t have a steady hand! Hahahah! The writing is so cute though 😉

  11. Calligraphy Is one of the many things i would love to learn, next to crochet. Good thing that last week, my son and i finally had the time to attend one workshop, also at crafters marketplace. We had fun but i guess crafters has a more magaling na trainer and i hope weve attended his class instead.

  12. This is so bful. I had tried calligraphy with all the fancy pens, but did not work. I am bad. These pics make me want to try again

  13. I also tried some workshops from Crafters! It was fun! One on my list too is learning how to do calligraphy. I hope I get to learn it someday.

  14. Haven’t been to a workshop before and just self-studied calligraphy. I’m glad you have tried calligraphy and enjoyed it! It’s really about practice and practice. 😀

  15. I’ve been wanting to take a calligraphy class since forever. Haha! I even bought a couple of brush pens I can practice with but I think I would really benefit more if I attended a class such as this.

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