Styled by ZIPPY

Styled by Zippy

One Monday afternoon, I took the boys shopping.

Yes, shopping!

We went to the opening of ZIPPY, a fashion line for kids 0-14 years old, located at the ground floor of Glorietta 3 in Makati (across Landmark).

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

ZIPPY is the largest pure-play children’s specialist apparel retailer in Portugal. It is a globally recognized brand and it’s now also here in the Philippines!

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

On one side of the store is a section for the boys. They have shirts, jackets, hats, scarves, pants, bags, and shoes.

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

The girls have their own side on the right. 

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

All the way inside is the section for the babies and the newborns.

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

Awww…look at these tiny shoes!

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

What appealed to my boys are these Disney and Warner Brothers inspired T-shirts.

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

The girls’ line has them too!

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

They also have flip-flops.

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

I think someone wants to get a new pair! 🙂

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

There’s DA, as goofy as the ZIPPY shirt that he tried on. 🙂

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

As the boys are growing in size, I decided to get them a few items. They’re still Mickey Mouse fans so I got them one each.

The Mickey Mouse shirts are at P659 each while the grey shirt (not Disney) costs only P299. I love the feel of their shirts. They’re so soft and thick, not the type to lose form after just a few washes. The shoes, on the other hand are at P1399. They are, as per DA, very comfy and nice! 🙂

 Zippy, Fashion for Kids

And there he is, all styled up by ZIPPY! 🙂 

Zippy, Fashion for Kids

P.S. That shirt just got back from the laundry today and he wants to wear it again! Haha!

By the way, there are 2 branches of ZIPPY here in the Philippines, one is this one in Glorietta 3 and the other one is in SM North EDSA. Happy shopping! 🙂

29 thoughts on “Styled by ZIPPY

  1. Ooh! Wow! Another kids’ clothes shop to check out! Hope my love bug will find something she likes when we visit Zippy. Thank you for sharing. ?

  2. My kids are due for new outfits and I’ve been eyeing those Mickeys for my youngest. I’m going to be on a lookout for non-Mickey Zippys though, since they’re lower in cost, heehee. Thanks for sharing. Your son looks great in his new outfit.

  3. My son gained weight and grew taller over the past months, and his wardrobe definitely needs some updating. When he returns from his vacation, this is one of those I’ll check out. Thank for sharing!

  4. I so love the little boy’s smile and posing. So natural and spontaneous. He must really enjoyed shopping. And how cute are those tiny shoes. Would want to get one too for my little man. Good thing they have a branch in SM North Edsa, its near our place. Thanks for this.

  5. Finding boys clothes is a problem of my friend, she says that there’s not enough choices in department stores for OOTDs and little boys fashion. Will recommend her to check Zippy out, thanks!

  6. We’re going to Glorietta on Saturday and will definitely pass by Zippy there. I’ve been hearing lots of nice things about their clothes. 🙂

  7. I went here before to check out shoes for my son. I was eyeing that exact blue one, but there was no size during that time. They have great selections! 🙂

  8. Adorable! Makes me wish I had kids. Hehehe. I personally think it’s tougher to dress little boys than little girls because there’s less variety so it’s always nice when new stores that have great male apparel open up. I’m a Mickey Mouse fan too so I just might visit this store to find something for myself. :p ps your boys are too cute! They seem to really like their new stuff:)

  9. It’s yet another kiddie-centered store for parents to shop. 🙂 So now we have international chains coming to the Philippines, a sure sign of the growing economy. I remember Warner when they opened. They came too early. Looks like Zippy (based on the prices you mentioned) is here to stay.

  10. Looks like a childrens paradise down there. How many clothes do you need? haha. So much fun to go shopping for your babies there. It’s a great and funny name too, Zippy. A name that you would remember easy and go back to.

  11. I have never been to a Zippy’s but I think it looks really cute. Very similar to stores that we have in the US. I love being able to find cute clothing for my kids in one place. It makes clothes shopping for kids so much easier!

  12. I’ve seen this also as I passed by, but as I had another agenda in mind, I didn’t really take a closer look at this shop. Now, I know that it’s catered for children. With a name that is easy to remember, I will definitely recommend this shop when I meet moms. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The Mickey Mouse tshirts look very cute, and also the blue shoes. The clothes from the store are also very stylish. I think it’s important for children to wear cute and stylish clothes, as it will develop their sense of style for when they grow up. I also think it’s important to let children chose what they want to wear, gives them the independence to express their style.

  14. I like the name and branding of your blog, so catchy and straight to the point. Anyway, I have grown up kids, the they chose their own wardrobe. The prices of kids clothes are pricey na pala, specially the disney characters, grabe. Not visiting any kiddie stores unless we will buy someone’s little angel a present.

    1. Hi Swayam, it’s from Portugal. It’s a global brand too because it’s available in many countries already. Thanks! 🙂

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