That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania


That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

About Allerkid

For those who are not familiar, Cetirizine Allerkid is the most-doctor prescribed and No. 1 Allergy Medicine for kids. It is effective in relieving allergy symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis such as sneezing, nasal itching, watery eyes or what we call as “hatsing-singhot-kamot”. It is also used for Allergic conjunctivitis and Atopic dermatitis. Allerkid controls allergy in as fast as 20 minutes that lasts up to 24 hours, thus it can only be taken once a day. 

Allerkid in KidZania

It was last June when Allerkid brought us to experience the ultimate role-playing environment that is KidZania. It was an event that aimed to increase awareness and promote allergy education among parents and kids.

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

Ony Carcamo, a renowned-ventriloquist, presented the concepts of allergy symptoms and management in a very entertaining way.

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

Dr. Shirley Kwong, an allergist from the Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (PSAAI) also joined the dialogue and shed even more light on allergy education. We learned that the change in weather caused by global warming also makes an impact on those with allergies. The heat causes sweat, which in turn may trigger itching. Oh yes, I see that all the time with my youngest! On the other hand, during cold and rainy weather, the pollens get blown away by the wind, causing symptoms such as sneezing. Ugh! Good thing there are meds like Allerkid to help alleviate these symptoms!

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

The kids were truly entertained during the show!

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

After the show, we were all free to roam around the place. It was our chance to try those that we haven’t done before. This was the Shell maze where you move the box around to get the ball to the proper places and learn about saving fuel.

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

On this rare exclusive event, the adults got to enjoy the activities with the kids! Oh, it was such a great opportunity! This was the Dong-A art class where we got to do a watercolor artwork.

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

And his favorite, the LBC courier. I should include this in my list of 8 Must-Try Jobs in KidZania Manila!

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

Here we were inside the Oishi laboratory where we got to invent our own snacks! 

That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

Join and Win KidZania Tickets

You and your kids can experience KidZania also by joining Allerkid’s current promo!

The Mechanics are super easy!

  1. Users must “Like” the Pambatang Solmux and Allerkid Facebook Fan Pages.
  2. To qualify for the Allerkid promo, fans should comment on the promo post why they trust Allerkid for their kid’s allergies using the acronym A-L-L-E-R-K-I-D, along with a photo of them and their kid holding a 60ml/120ml bottle variant of Allerkid.
  3. There will be 2 batches of winners per brand, which the Pambatang Solmux Page and Allerkid Page will select through a criteria for judging.
  4. 30 promo participants will be selected by each page as winners of the promo, and will receive 2 tickets each, to an event hosted by Pambatang Solmux and Allerkid, to be conducted at KidZania Manila, on September 12, 2016.

Best of luck! 😀


21 thoughts on “That Time When Allerkid Brought us to KidZania

  1. It’s really nice for Allerkid to do this to kids and moms! Kidzania is one of the places I’d like to take my son. I’ll be very happy to join this promo, kaso di pa yata pwede si Nate, he’s just 2 years old.

  2. We haven’t tried that Oishi Laboratory because they wanted 10 kids before you can enter and ang hirap maghintay para macomplete so we chose other activities na lang. I hope I can also try Kidzania activities, ang tagal pa ng Mother’s Day para pwede mommy. hehehe!

  3. I really wanted to go to Kidzania since it opened but I’m not sure if my little girl is allowed yet, bec I heard that the kids must be 3yo and up. Not sure though! But if it is, I think it’s totally fine. Anyway, I think your son and the other kids enjoyed their Kidzania experience! 😉

  4. My children would really want to go to Kidzania and hopefully we can bring them in. 🙂 We are using Allerkid for our children, one of the best antihistamine medicine so far for kids. ♥

  5. When we visited Kidzania during the soft opening, Oishi Lab is not yet there. My son also loved the LBC. I guess marami ng bago ngayon. The event looks fun and I like that Moms were allowed to join with the kids.

  6. Oh, so jelly! I’m sure you had a great time! I really want to go visit Kidzania (me talaga no, not my son? haha!) but Manila is sooo far. It’s on our list tho!

  7. I haven’t tried Allerkid for my children, I will definitely get one when they finish their last bottle of Allergy Medicine.

  8. I’m sure you and your son enjoyed Kidzania! We’ve been wanting to bring our daughter in Kidzania but she’s still too young and baka di pa nya ma-appreciate.

  9. We plan to take the kids to kidzania one of these days since it’s just a few blocks away from our place. I like Allerkid. It worked wonders on one of my kids who had an asthma attack once.

  10. We also trust Allerkid and find it as the best antihistamine medicine so far. And Kidzania- My young man enjoyed his stay there and was proud to have experienced being a reporter, cable man and construction worker among other jobs.

  11. We’ve been to Kidzania but didn’t enjoy much with the activities since my son just turned 1 this year. Though I find the place perfect for young kids to learn and explore different jobs in a fun way. Thanks for sharing!

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