Baby on Board


All your luggages have been stowed, you’ve finally settled down on your seat. Flight time is approximately an hour. Ahh, just enough time to catch up on your sleep! The crew announced that they will be dimming the lights for takeoff. Perfect! You lay your head back and close your eyes…


Your eyes flew open! What the $#@%^ was that?!


It came again! This time longer.

You turn your head back to look. Much to your horror, you realize that it’s a…

When Ky was nearly nine months old, we decided to join hubby on his business trip to Cebu. The change of scenery would do us all some good, we thought. Besides, it’s just a short plane ride anyway. A few days before the big day, while I was getting all excited about Ky’s first trip, hubby was starting to have second thoughts. Should we still continue this? What if he makes a fuss? What if he cries on the plane the whole time? What if? What if? I didn’t know the answers to those questions as well so I simply said, well, we won’t know unless we try, won’t we?

Surprisingly, we survived that plane ride without any fuss. Here’s how:

1. Tank up on Sleep. We all know that a sleepy baby is a cranky baby. While waiting to board, Ky was able to take a catnap, just enough to give him enough energy for the plane ride.

2. Be Ready with Food/Drinks. While he was asleep, I strolled around the waiting area and found a Red Ribbon stall. I bought some soft pastries (mamon, butter cake, banana bread) just in case anyone got hungry. This turned out to be a lifesaver since nibbling was what kept Ky busy and fuss-less during the ride. Let your baby eat or drink especially during the take-off and landing period since this is the most agitating period. We adults usually deal with this by either yawning or swallowing but babies are not yet equipped enough to know this trick. You can thus help them by giving them something to eat or drink, forcing them to swallow, alleviating some of the pressure building in the ears.

3. Keep them Entertained. We were fortunate enough that the passenger behind us was baby-friendly. He was smiling and playing peek-a-boo with Ky which kept him entertained for a time. We also kept some of his toys in our hand carries, easy enough to grab in case he gets bored. 4. Improvise. Ky eventually got tired of his own toys so he went after other things. In the picture below, it was the camera he was after. I let him have his fun pressing the buttons. When he was tired of that, I got the safety sheet and pointed  to him the plane and the drawings. It also helped that we had a window seat, which gave him access to new sights and feelings through the window. 

On the plane ride home, there was also a baby passenger. Unlike Ky however, she was howling the moment the plane took off. I heard a few shhhs being passed around. Hubby and I had exchanged glances that time, both with the same thought in mind, Whew! Glad that ain’t my kid!

As Gaspard and Lisa (Disney Junior) would have said it “Triumph!”

P.S. I actually brought the Baby on Board sign on our trip haha!

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