Bibibons, Not Your Ordinary Baby Food


A couple of days ago, I got a box of Rebisco’s newest baby product, Bibibon’s Biscuit Nibblers, to try. Thinking it was just another biscuit variant, I wondered why there was a bowl of baby food on the photo. I turned the box around to find out that it is in fact a 2-in-1 baby food  that can be enjoyed as a finger food or as an instant cereal. What a novel idea!


The next morning, I decided to give it a try. Not for me, silly! For DS! Although I did try a little. 😛 Bibibons, check! Bowl, check! Spoon, check!


I opened a pack and out came 6 biscuit nibblers. I put them in this nice red bowl, which came free, by the way. 🙂


Little DS was so fast that by the time I turned around he already had a biscuit in his hands and was already putting it in his mouth. Okay okay, you can have it, it’s meant to be a nibbler too anyway.


I put in some warm water, the same temperature I use to prepare milk.


I then started mashing/crushing the biscuits. I think I put in a little too much water here.


After some mashing, the biscuits were all crushed and ready. I did put in a little too much water but DS didn’t mind.


So, did he like it? Or did he LOVE it?! 🙂


The next morning, we tried it again. This time, I used two packs and added just the right amount of water. To my delight, DS finished all of it, down to the last drop! He really liked it, unlike his usual cereal wherein I have to constantly think of ways (chug-chug-chug, here comes airplane spoon! chug-chug-chug!) to get him to finish it.

Nutrition Facts

I compared the Nutrition Facts of Bibibons with that of the leading brand’s cereal. I was surprised to find that it was at par, at times even higher than that of the leading brand. It was notably higher both in DHA and Taurine. Ding ding ding! BRAIN FOOD! 🙂


I also let toddler DA try it but did not get the same simu’t sarap results as DS. He saw me mashing the biscuits and kept asking why I had to do that to perfectly good biscuits. He hesitantly tried the cereal and did not quite like it. Alternatively, I let him try Bibibons as a biscuit and he immediately took it, munched it, finished it, and asked for another one. Right then and there, I saw the versatility of Bibibons. It’s not just for babies and infants who prefer the cereal type but it can also be for toddlers and older kids who much prefer nibbling on crackers and biscuits. The product actually grows with them!

Where to Buy

Bibibons is available at leading groceries and supermarkets on the Baby’s Food section for only P39.00. I have yet to find it at our local grocery though. We’re down to our last pack already and so I must really get a refill soon!


20 thoughts on “Bibibons, Not Your Ordinary Baby Food

  1. Iiieee, cute ni baby! I actually bought Bibibons for my son early last year pa – or was it late 2012 pa talaga? I like how it’s very versatile. BLW-moms will also find it useful because it can be eaten solidly. 🙂

  2. I was surprised to receive this too. Hehe although I signed up naman talaga. I have not get any notice lang. Hehehe! Anyway, it reminds me to blog about this too.. Too many drafts na! Whew! Cute ni baby sa bowl heheheh. =)

  3. I also got a box. Maski ako gusto ko siya kasi ang sarap niya. It’s not too sweet, best paired with coffee! Hihihi…I’ll post my review within this week. I would like to put the link to your post as a related article on my review. Is it okay with you, Mommy Cher? Ang cutie ni baby while eating! He liked it very much!

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