Unboxing the Starbucks Mooncake


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Penge mooncake!

Today, September 8, marks the second most important festival to the Chinese after Chinese New Year. Held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, Mid-Autumn or Mooncake or Lantern Festival has its origins from when the ancient Chinese people worshipped the moon to bring about a bountiful harvest. It is best celebrated by admiring the full moon (looks cloudy outside though…), making Mid-Autumn Chinese lanterns, and of course, eating mooncakes!

On that topic, I’d like to share with you the Starbucks mooncakes that I got as a gift.

Wait, did you just read Starbucks and mooncakes together in one sentence? Bet you thought mooncakes were only from Eng Bee Tin and Starbucks only serve coffee, right? Well, let me correct you, there are mooncakes in Starbucks. Just not in Starbucks Philippines. Sorry.

I was told that these were from Starbucks Hong Kong though they are also available in Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and of course, China.

The tin can packaging however, is only available in Hong Kong and Macau.

Starbucks Mooncake

They come in a box of 8 (only 4 in the photo) with 4 flavors.

  • Mocha Praline. A combination of bittersweet Starbucks Mocha and crispy hazelnut
  • Espresso & Almond  A combination of classic Starbucks Espresso plus crunchy almonds
  • Hojicha Tea & Osmanthus Made with Starbucks Hojicha tea powder and paired with a sweet-scented Osmanthus filling
  • Green Tea & Red Bean Made with Starbucks green tea powder and paired with sweet red bean filling

Starbucks Mooncake

These are the 4 flavors out of the plastic. Clockwise from left: Green Tea & Red Bean, Espresso & Almond, Hojicha Tea & Osmanthus, Mocha Praline.

Starbucks Mooncake

There Starbucks logo is nicely stamped into the mooncake.

Starbucks Mooncake

It’s too nice to eat!

Starbucks Mooncake

Oops for the flattened mooncake!

Starbucks Mooncake

The Espresso flavor has crunchy almond bits inside.

Starbucks Mooncake

In constrast with the smooth filling of the Green Tea and Red Bean.

Starbucks Mooncake

Yum yum yum! Not being a coffee fan, I like the Hojicha Tea & Osmanthus best of all. It was just the right sweetness with a hint of tea flavor. I would have loved the almonds in it though. 🙂

Starbucks Mooncake

Thanks again to SC for these yummy treats! Happy Mooncake Festival everyone! 🙂


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  1. Hindi ko alam na may mooncake pala ang starbucks, ngayong nabanggit mo, sana bukas pa ng makabili dahil nagcrave ako bigla sa mooncake! Hope you get to visit my blog too if you have the time 🙂

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