Yumminess at Magnolia Flavor House


What?! There’s no more Magnolia Ice Cream House?! Nooooooo!!!

For those whose fondest memories include the Magnolia Ice Cream House, fret not! There’s still a place to go to get together and bond over yummy ice cream!  It’s the all new Magnolia Flavor House located at Robinson’s Magnolia, right where the ice cream plant used to be. It’s a fresh take on the original, allowing the older generation to relive their yummy memories and the younger ones to make their own.

This waiting area greets customers as they come in. It looks so comfy that you’d want to just wait there all day, with a big tub of ice cream of course!

There’s the little tyke trying out the dome seat!

Our table’s ready, let’s go!

We were there on a weeknight at around 930PM. This is what the place looked like.

This, on the other hand was taken on a weekend, around 7PM. There was a long line outside!

Despite the full house and the long line outside, these bar seats were vacant. I was suggesting to the queue manager to offer the seats to those who are willing to take it, because we were. He’s not too keen on it though. He kept on saying that there’s a line. Duh, yeah! You could at least ask if the next one in line wanted the bar seats, if not, give it to the next. Grrr! He sure lost a lot of customers! We would have walked away too if not for our ice cream cravings.

Ok, enough bad vibes. Let’s just enjoy this yummy looking banana split! =)

They also have lots of other comfort food in their menu like nachos, pizzas, pastas, and korean beef stew! I’ll put those in my list of must-try next time. Till then!

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