#healthisHappening Challenge Day 12


Day 12: Say our Prayers

I’m not a religious person but I do say my prayers daily before going to sleep. A lot of days however, I usually doze off before I even reach amen! Ay yay yay! I’d like to break out of this falling asleep habit and do it properly. I thus plan to teach DA how to pray so we can do it together. It will surely keep me from falling asleep (who can fall asleep with that boy talking??) and it will get him in the habit of saying even a simple prayer. So far, this is how he prays, “Thank you Lord for the fries, and for the chicken, and for the rice, and for the sauce, and for the juice….!” 🙂

HealthIsHappening Day12



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2 thoughts on “#healthisHappening Challenge Day 12

  1. I love the cutie boy’s prayer! I wish Skye’s prayers are like that too. Full of thank you’s instead of “i wish” or “i want” or “please give me”‘s 🙂 day 12 ka na sa health is happening. Gusto ko din sumali! But i can’t promise blogging everyday. But i guess i’d take a leaf out of your book and post short ones. Hihihi..

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