#healthisHappening Challenge Day 15


Day 15: Return What is Not Yours

I’ve been meaning to post this but for a time I couldn’t find this toy. Anyway, this is a small toy train (matchbox size) that DA found in school. It’s clearly not his but when he found it, he kept saying that it was his. He even said “See, it has my name on it o!” (As if he can read his name already!) It seemed like a petty thing but I wanted him to learn not to take what’s not his and to return what he found to its rightful owner. I’d like for him to start this habit at a young age so that it becomes second nature to him as he grows up.  I would think that the parents of honest people who returned a wealth of finds even when they needed it taught their children the same.

And so I explained to him that it was not his and that we should return it. That did not seem enough. I remembered that one time where he left his toy bag in school and used it as an example. What if other kids found the bag and the toys inside and they took it home and did not return it. How would he feel? Would he like it if someone gets his toys? He understood that example. He has agreed to return it to his classmate come school day. Yey! 🙂



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