#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 4


Day 4: Clean Your Plate

I used to allow DA not to finish the food on his plate, thinking that maybe I did put a little too much for him to eat (I would just eat the leftover). I realize now that he might get used to the idea of not cleaning up his plate and wasting the food or always asking someone to finish it for him so I’m adding this to my healthy habits list.

I put in the same amount of food as I always do – just enough for him. Whenever he tells me that he’s done but there’s still food on his plate, I patiently ask him to finish it. So far, fortunately for me, he’s been very compliant. 🙂

I hope that we can all build the habit of cleaning our plates to minimize food wastage. It’s saddening and at the same time maddening to see leftover rice, half-eaten burgers in restaurants and fast food chains. There are so many of our countrymen who have barely anything to eat and yet those who have choose to take just a small bite and leave the rest to waste. Why not just split the meal with your companion if you cannot finish the whole thing? Or have it doggie bagged for the next meal? Sounds good?  Good!

Here’s to building a healthier PH! 🙂

Health is Happening Day 4


Day 3: Flossing

Day 2: Drinking Lemon Water

DA has taken a liking to drinking lemon water already! He’s actually not a fan of just plain water so the added taste of lemon appealed to him! Yey! 🙂


Day 1: Exercise

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