4 Chores that Boys Love


While school has started for a lot of kids already, there are those of us who are just getting the vacation feel.

Which means the boys are bored.

With school starting, most summer programs have stopped offering courses. We’ve done art and sports programs early on and now the kids are just stuck at home fighting, driving me crazy, fighting.

Rinse and then repeat.

To keep my sanity, I’ve decided to give them chores. I’ve given them random chores from fixing the bed to cleaning the toilet. I’ve found that these 4 are the ones that they’re more inclined to do without having me shout at the top of my lungs for them to move.

1. Cook

Yes, young children can be in the kitchen! The boys have learned how to cook eggs from cracking them right up to serving them. Supervision is of course a must. This is so fun for them because every experience is new. They get to try so many things like turning on the stove, cracking eggs, and grating cheese. They’ve even come up with a list of dishes that they want to try cooking already!


2. Wash the Dishes

Anything that involves water is so much fun for the kids, even chores! They love washing the dishes! It doubles up the washing time but they do manage. Something about the foamy soap and the splash of water just make it so appealing!


3. Clean the Toilet

This is one task that I really hate. Surprisingly though, this boy just does it automatically every morning. Unlike fixing the bed where I have to repeat myself like a broken record, cleaning the toilet just seems so fun for him. Good for me! LOL!


4. Scrub the Bathroom

I told you it’s the soap and the water! I can just leave them there all day and they’d be having the time of their lives! Plus, I get a clean bathroom afterwards!


By the way, the soap they’re using is Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid. I’ve found that it’s great for everything, not just the dishes! It’s very easy to rinse off so I don’t have to worry about wasting too much water. It’s also very gentle on the hands so the kids don’t get irritated.

If you’re looking for what your kids can do at home, try the above chores! I’m sure they’ll have a blast and you’ll have more time on your hands as well! 🙂

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