Yaya Blues


My yaya blues have finally been resolved yesterday. Or so I thought.

A relative’s yaya referred to us her neighbors from the province who were asking for a place to work. They were previously working in a company in Bulacan and were not happy and had expressed wishes to work as kasambahays (house help). Perfect! We went to fetch them from relative’s place last night. It was late already when we got home so I just asked them to get settled in and retire for the night. Before that, I also gave them a brief overview of the workload, i.e., watch over the kids and just basic housework.

Early the next morning, I heard MIL saying that the new kasambahays wished to go already.


What could it be this time? No aircon in their room?

It turned out that neither of them were keen on watching over kids (even if it was mentioned to them already beforehand by their neighbor that there are kids to look after in the house). The older one of the two also mentioned that she’s had bad experience with working with other kasambahays and so she does not want to be in a group (we recently moved in with the in-laws so there are their kasambahays as well).

Ugh! How exasperating! Never mind all the trouble to get them here.

MIL talked to them, finding a way to make them stay.

When that didn’t work, I tried my share of talking as well. All to no avail.

It seems that they’ve already made up their mind.

Okay, fine. There’s no point in forcing them to stay.

They asked to be dropped off at a certain bus station, which we did. DH was kind enough and instructed me to give them some travel money. I refused to do that though. I got an earful about it later but I found it really pointless to offer compassion. We were offering them a job already and they refused it. I asked them a lot of times. Every single time, the answer was no, they’d rather go. They must not need the money then. I’d rather give the money to the people who need it.

And I did.

I put it here. (Trick or Treat for UNICEF)

Trick or Treat for UNICEF




4 thoughts on “Yaya Blues

  1. I agree. You offer them job, they refused. That means, they don’t need the money. 🙂 But I appreciate their honesty that they don’t want taking care of kids. Pero kasi, kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan.

  2. Wow, something similar happened to us. You pick up the new yaya or you send money to get them here, they arrive here, and all of a sudden there is a change of plan. Reasons vary from condo living is boring to husband changed his mind.. blah blah blah!

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