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MBP Gift Swap

In the blogging world, we are often shrouded in mystery, hiding behind a name, a URL. We join communities and promote our posts but it is not always that we can all get together and learn beyond each other’s name and website.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines is thus so nice to have crafted the MBP Gift Swap among its willing members. The mechanics are so simple yet it allows the participants a glimpse of another blogger’s interests and lifestyle based on the gift she gives.

Mechanics: MBP Moms will swap gifts with each other. Gifts to be given should reflect the gift giver and her blog.

So before the holidays got crazier, we all got busy and prepared something for the mommy that we will be giving to (we had an online drawing of names prior, high tech noh?).


I was to give to Mommy Abby Borja, owner of the lovely blog Lifestyle by Abby. She is a newbie mom of a baby girl and a doctor’s wife. She used to be a marketing practitioner until she decided to become a dedicated home maker, entrepreneur, and part time blogger, collaborator and stylist. She’s an ultimate foodie with a huge appetite (though I don’t know where she puts it!) and a preschool teacher wannabe. She also enjoys traveling and dreams of becoming a food connoisseur. As with every mom, she loves her family and God above all things.

What I Gave

MBP Gift Swap

I was not able to take photos of the actual products but I did keep a photo of my note and doodle. My gift consisted of three of my favorite things:

  • Travel Bottle Set from MINISO

I love to travel and unfortunately, as a mom, it falls upon me to pack everyone’s bags. This travel bottle set is a lifesaver when it comes to packing your toiletries and saving precious luggage space. Plus, I got it from MINISO, one of my favorite shops these days. Here’s my post about What’s Inside MINISO Philippines.

  • ZIG Kuretake Scroll and Brush Pen

I’m a frustrated artist and so I love everything artsy. I’m trying my hand at calligraphy although I don’t get to practice it as much as I would like. I use this brand of pen for my calligraphy ek-ek. 🙂

  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

As moms, I believe we’re all super, just like Vaseline, the super jelly. It has so many uses, up to 101 in fact! (See 101 Uses of Vaseline Jelly). We moms also have so many roles that truly make us superwomen. I hope that whenever we feel down, looking at the super jelly will remind us of our super role as well. 🙂

I sure hope Mommy Abby found my gifts useful and nice. 🙂

What I Received and Who Gave It

Project Mom Book

I received this Project Mom book from Que Sullano-Gavan of Life of Que, Filipino Homeschooler, and Takbo.ph (Whew! What a woman!) She blogs about parenting, travel, and getting fit in between family adventures. She is the better half of Takbo.ph and together, they document their homeschooling journey at The Filipino Homeschooler.

To Mommy Que, thank you so much for your gift. I am about to start Chapter 3 already and I sure am learning a lot, even if I’ve had two kids already. Haha! I hope to see you around in future events and get to say more than hi and hello. 🙂


Thank you to the following sponsors for being a partner of MBP in this Gift Swap:

MBP Gift Swap Sponsors

Happy and blessed holidays everyone! 🙂

34 thoughts on “3 Gifts that Reflect MaMeMiMommy

  1. This is such a great idea! Gift swaps are the best and the fact that the gift i supposed to reflect the gift giver is great. Let’s you learn something new about that blogger 🙂 I love what you received and what you gifted!

  2. Wow- you’ve got nice things to give out on MBP’s gift swapping. The recipient is truly happy with these amazing things that are well-thought of and properly curated. I bet you put so much heart into it. Ahhh..I just love gifts that are practical and useful-and yours are the best.

  3. Sana pala I joined the party. Best way to get-to-know other mommy bloggers and meet new friends. This year, will definitely attend. Happy new year!

  4. Such thoughtful gift you gave. Indeed, reflecting how you are as a mom. The item you got was also equally beautiful. I bet it would be fun reading it again and again. I also appreciate how MBP came up with the gift swap idea.

  5. Those were super nice gifts you gave and the gift you got could be something you can use for your journey as a mom/blogger. Sayang I didn’t get to join last year. This year I’ll definitely participate if MBP hosts again.

  6. Happy new year to you and your family, sis! ♥ I love reading posts about the MBP gift swap and how each mommy bloggers feel about it. I was unable to join, unfortunately. But I’ll be happy to join the gift swap this year, if there be any.

  7. Nice illustration! Gift swapping is truly an exciting experience especially when you’re anticipating what you’ll get and how your gift swap partner will react to your gift. 🙂

  8. Funny I was just in Miniso window shopping (and ok, ok bought myself a USB Led lamp). Lots of cool stuffs to buy there. I was eyeing the perfume and cosmetics section but I was on a hurry… will definitely be back. Sad I missed the gift swap. I hope we can have others even if its not Christmas 😀…

  9. I got the same book as a prize for a giveaway. I have two kids too and yet, there’s still a lot to learn 🙂 Happy New Year momma! 🙂

  10. Awww it’s from mommy Que. 🙂 Zig Kuretake brush pens is how I started, though I can’t really say that I’ve gotten to be that good at it. But it’s fun. Calligraphy is fun.

  11. You’re so creative sis! I like your gifts, If ever If I were the recipient I am so grateful for this gift. Unfortunately, I’m not able to join the gift swap because we’re busy preparing our thanksgiving of our church and some meetings.

  12. It’s so sad I wasnt able to prepare a dedication for my #MBP gift and I was not able to blog abt it (yet). Your gifts are awesome and I love your handwriting! Cool Momma, I would love to learn calligraphy but my penmanship wont do. hahaha! BTW, Sharing and virtually meeting mommies like us fuel us, right?

  13. Hopefully, I can join for this year! I can’t promise myself to be a active again on blogging due to time constraints. Imagine my life with 2 kids without a house maid and a business to manage… argh!

    Btw, I noticed that most MBP swappers gave inspirational book. Oh well, bloggers are definitely book lovers, agree?

  14. Exchanging gifts are always exciting. Lalo na yung sa MBP gift swap. Knowing na kapwa mommies mo ang ka-exchange mo ng gifts. Ang ganda ng na-receive mong book. Long read ba sya? 🙂

  15. Oh, wow! I’ve been wanting to get myself that book though I never got around to buying one. And I really enjoyed the gift swap too. I had fun scouring my gift recipient’s blog for ideas what to give her. 😀

  16. You gave lovely gifts for your gift swap partner! They don’t only reflect your blog; they’re stuff that the recipient will find practical use for. Your notes and doodles are also so colorful, so artsy, so you!

  17. I wasn’t able to take part on the gift swap (by choice) because the last three months of 2016 had been a handful for me. I hope to be able to participate this year’s gift swap of there will still be one. It a fun a challenge to everyone who joined.

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