Baby K’s Birth Story


Hi everyone! I’m back!

Well, not really.

I’m still in zombie mode but I’ll squeeze in this birth story while it’s still fresh in my mind.

March 9, 2017

3PM: “You’re still pregnant?”

“You’re still pregnant?” That was how my OB reacted when I went to her for my weekly checkup that day. I wasn’t actually due till the 20th but between walking and taking Evening Primrose Oil, it could be anytime already. Upon checking, I was at 2-3cm dilated at that time. The doctor sent me home with reminders to…

4PM: Walk, walk, walk.

And so walk I did. Upon reaching home, I asked the husband to drop me off at the gate and I’ll just walk the rest of the way home. It was a rather short walk though, not quite enough. When the kids saw me outside, they clamoured to play outside as well. Because it’s been ages since I let them, I conceded. We got the scooters and the strollers out and headed to the clubhouse. Would you believe that’s me and my big belly “driving” the scooter for the lil’ boy?

Walk walk walk

6PM: Over-walked

The moment we got home, I knew that I had over-walked. The contractions started coming in. They were still manageable though so I just laid down and took a rest.

8PM: Cleaning Up

I managed to grab some dinner but my body was already in the business of cleaning itself, which led to countless trips to the toilet. (TMI!)

10PM: Time to Go

After successfully getting one child to sleep and leaving the other in tears (still on SEPANX mode), the husband and I headed for the hospital. Contractions were coming in at about 5-minute intervals but were still manageable. Or maybe I just have a high tolerance for pain. Traffic was light and so we were there in no time. Here I was with my bump while waiting for the husband to park.

Big Bump

1032PM at the OB Prep Room

OB Prep Room

1045PM: Dizizit

I was hooked to the fetal monitor and my contractions were monitored. I was supposed to press the button of that silver thing with the cord whenever I felt movement from the baby. I barely felt anything though so the residents had to buzz my tummy a couple of times. Wake up, baby girl!  Anyway, I was 5cm already! Ready to be admitted.


Check out those hospital slippers! 🙂


11PM: The Waiting Game

After being prepped and having changed, I walked to the next room (the labor room), lab gown with open back and all. Ugh! Time to wait. I was constantly asked to gauge the pain from 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful. In between contractions, I managed a smile like this and answered 8. Haha! They wouldn’t believe my 8.

While waiting

1127PM: Boy Abunda

Boy Abunda and his interviewees kept me company for a while. 6cm now.

Boy Abunda

1145PM: Ouch

I was then hooked on an IV. Ouch! That was one thick needle! My OB also ordered the epidural so I can get some rest while waiting. I could use some sleep, I thought. I’ll need all the energy I can get. It was almost midnight, after all, and I could be here till morning.

IV line

March 10, 2017

12MN: No more gadgets

Huhu! They took my phone away already. No more photo updates from here on. By midnight, they’ve managed to put me on a fetal position to insert the epidural catheter on my back. It wasn’t long before I felt the cold of the medicine on my spine. Pretty soon, the contractions were reduced to just lines on the paper recording it as I barely felt the pain. Oh, bliss!

1230AM:  Ding ding ding! Perfect 10!

That bliss was to be short-lived however, as I began to feel pain on the left side of my tummy. It came in increasing strength, starting with a level 3. Soon, my whole abdomen started hurting. It’s as if I did not have epidural at all! The pain soon reached a high of 10. I was seething already! So this was what 10 felt like!

1245AM: Do not push!

It had to take 2 OB residents to do an IE (internal exam) on me to confirm that I was fully dilated already (10cm). Everyone was in disbelief! Call the doctor, ASAP! And to me, “DO NOT push!”

The anesthesiologist came as soon as he heard about my level 10 pain. He quickly went to work and told me that because I jumped from 6cm to 10, the medicine was not able to catch up. He injected a vial and a half more to get it going. At last, the pain subsided.

1:15AM: Off to the Delivery Room

I was having chills by the time I entered the delivery room. Dang this epidural! Or maybe it was because of too much excitement.

After being prepped, my OB asked to call the husband already. Make it fast! And to me, “DO NOT push yet!”

In truth, I can barely feel anything down there so I couldn’t quite tell if I was pushing or not.

Soon, the husband came in and…

1:48AM: Pure Love

Out popped this little one! It was such an overwhelming moment that I actually shed a few tears. Blame it on oxytocin, the love hormone, and maybe the very short labor. 🙂

Earlier, I had actually asked the husband to bring my camera to the DR and hand it to me so I can get a nice photo of this precious moment. But oh but! Baby girl wanted to come out so fast though, the husband all but grabbed his things and ran to the delivery room, forgetting about my camera. Boohoo! Oh well, this photo would have to suffice.


There she was as we had our skin to skin contact. 🙂

Skin to Skin Contact

And here’s Baby K at 6 days old. 🙂

Baby K's Pictorial

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