Batang Kuwentista 2021


August 20

I’ve made a gross error! I actually misunderstood the mechanics! It wasn’t until I’ve talked with a fellow Batang Kuwentista parent that I realized that only 1 will be chosen from the social engagements, and not all 6! Whew! I feel so silly now, disturbing all the people, asking for support. Just the same, thank you to everyone for your support! Good luck to everyone!

August 17

Whew! We made it to the top 25! There were a total of 123 entries, by the way. Next up, finals! Getting to the top 6 is virtually impossible though because it’s the game of social engagements. Who wants to play that? Begging for likes and shares. And yet, we made an entry anyway. Yes, as in make a new one from scratch for the next round. We should have saved ourselves the trouble, huh? Oh well, it’s done. We’re here. I did go and ask for likes and shares. Thank you so much to everyone who did! I think I’m done with it though. It’d take a miracle to get to the top. Anyway, I am an Apple by Grace D. Chong is a very nice story about adoption. Ky was able to do a superb job in telling it too. So watch it, not as a favor to me, but because it’s great. 🙂

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