Feb-ibig Stories

Feb-Ibig Stories

Before the love month officially comes to a close, let me share with you some of the love (and hate) stories that pretty much sums up my busy February.

Love is Action

Washing with Bubble Man

When we got a refill of our favorite dishwashing liquid, Bubble Man, this boy decided to show some love by doing the dishes. How sweet, right?

It was a messy, try-not-to-break-anything kind of thing but he had so much fun doing it. Plus, it’s really best to start them young. I find that Bubble Man is also gentle on the hands so I went ahead and let him wash to his heart’s content. You can read my full review of Bubble Man here.

Yaya, I’m Married!

It was a Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, to be exact. As I brought my 5-year old son to school, I noticed that his classmate was clutching a small flower arrangement and a box of chocolates in his hands. As we entered the elevator, I playfully teased, “Who’s your girlfriend?” He blushed and barely made out a reply.

Thinking it was a sweet gesture meant for the teachers, I was surprised when he handed it to a girl classmate when we reached the classroom.

Wow, they do start early these days, don’t they?

After class, an even more interesting scenario ensued.

The girl, to whom the flowers and chocolates were given to, happily handed them to her yaya and shouted, ‘Yaya! I have flowers! I’m married!’ 

OMH! (Oh my helper!)

The boys and I, along with my donya of a helper, were on our way to pick up a dress. As traffic was terrible that day, all our bladders were ready to explode by the time we arrived at the venue. I immediately asked the helper to bring the boys to the restroom, which happened to be by the pool area.

While keeping an eye on the elevator (as I was expecting someone), I took occasional glances at the boys and the helper. To my horror, the helper left the young kids unattended playing by the pool and rushed to the restroom saying “Uy CR, ako na mauna a!” (Oh, restroom! I’ll go first!)

OMH! Ugh!

That just adds to the long list of blunders this helper has.

Anyway, there’s really no love in that story. I just had to rant that out.

Fancy Lettering and Me

I’ve always wanted to practice fancy hand lettering ever since it became the trend. Lack of time and lack of “need” however, have kept me from doing so.

Well, that is, until now.

In aid of the school’s bid of a PAASCU accreditation, the executive members of the parents’ group, which I am a part of, were supposed to come up with a scrapbook that documents the activities we and the previous batch have prepared.

Guess who’s in charge of that?

Truth be told, I’m not used to getting my hands all messy and dirty, which is why I often do things in the computer. This time though, I’ve made an exception. It seems the perfect time to do some hand lettering exercises and a job actually needs to be done.

Here are a few samples of what I did.

Samples of Hand Lettering

Samples of Hand Lettering

Samples of Hand Lettering

Love, love, love, right? Well, at least for me. 🙂

Now that it’s done, I actually miss it. I’d have to find another project to get my pens working again! 🙂

How about you? How was your Feb-ibig?

23 thoughts on “Feb-ibig Stories

  1. My son tried washing dishes na rin but mas takot ako na may mabasag siya so I really don’t let him wash the dishes. Just looking at the photo, I think your son enjoys this chore.

  2. Your son seems so happy helping out with the dishes, that must be a big love for you! Nice letterings, are those Chinese characters? what does it mean?

  3. Kaloka si Donya helper, hehe. My Feb was tiring but despite the stress, I learned a lot of things and grateful that a new month has begun. Your baby boy on the first pic is cute 🙂

  4. I got stressed with your helper. Hahaha! You’re son’s so cute while doing the dishes. I’m hoping to teach my son a few chores when he’s big enough not to break so much. 🙂 My Feb-ibig went well. It was my birth month, so I was excited for the exact day as my husband promised to take me to a buffet with my side of the family.

  5. heehee aren’t kids cute? My 7 year old is just as thrilled when I tell him to wash dishes. He feels older and more “responsible.” BTW, I’m a Bubble Man user. 😉

  6. I think kids love being in the water so your son really doesn’t mind washing the dishes hehe. Grabe si yaya, buti na lang nothing bad happened while she’s away.

  7. Nothing special about my Feb-ibig story since my husband and I are not that romantic type of couple. My youngest who is 2 and I have had a stroll at the nearest mall, we bought a new laptop and shared with coconut juice and a pizza for snacks…

  8. Our Feb-ibig was awesome especially since it was also my birth month and my son’s as well. Glad to hear it was nice for you too. 🙂

  9. The little girl is so funny! Kids these days tend to know more as early as they can, surprisingly. But I do hope they won’t take it seriously.

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