How to Win and Lose like a Pro


And the third place goes to…

It was the day of the kids’ declamation contest. Each of the seven classes has performed its stint, showcasing the students’ vocal powers and acting abilities. In all fairness, my class had done very well.

No, I’m not the teacher, nor was I the coach. I was just the class rep sitting amongst the kids, watching them, making sure they’re okay.

And the second place goes to…

My class of 5 and 6 year olds grew restless as another group went onstage to receive their medals.

“When’s it gonna be our turn?”, one of my kids asked.

In truth, I wondered the same thing. If not for our class’s costume, or lack thereof, I would think that they had a chance for the top spot. The costume part was not supposed to be graded anyway. So maybe…

And the first place goes to…

The entire auditorium rang with cheers and applause.

Our hearts sank.

As soon as the pandemonium died down, little Maddie beside me let out a soft wail, “I’m so sad, we didn’t win the medal! Waaaah!” I gave her a big hug, surprised that it had affected her so much.

It wasn’t long before the other classmates huddled with her, each expressing their sadness over not winning. Heartbreaking as it was to watch, the situation took a quick turn for the better. Surprisingly, the kids managed to comfort and reassure each other, saying that they’ll practice harder and that the teacher said they’ll take home the medal next year.

Pretty soon, they were back to their old happy selves, with no hint of anger, no trace of sadness, just the shining hope of trying again and hopefully, winning.

I envied them.

For the adults (especially the competitive moms, LOL!), it took us a while to get over the loss. We watched and rewatched the videos, questioning the judges’ decision. We wanted to make an appeal. Our kids had what it take to be winners, even the others in the audience said so! We wanted to win!

But of course, we didn’t…

That night, after congratulating my son for his earlier performance, I asked him how he felt about not winning.

Despite expressing regret over not getting a medal, he cheerily added, “But we did win mommy, because we did our very best!”


How to Win and Lose like a Pro

Have you seen the new McDonald’s commercial entitled Laging Mahal ni Nanay at Tatay? 

Sounds just about right, huh? Truly, as parents, we love our kids whether they place first or last. Mwah-hugs!

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