Clean Homes Naturally with Cusina

Clean Homes Naturally with Cusina

The husband nearly drank these had I not stopped him in time. I can’t blame him. With the pretty colorful bottles and the fruity smelling scent, it was no wonder that he mistook these dishwashing liquid as refreshing juice!

These are Cusina Dishwashing Liquid, by the way. They are uniquely made of natural antibacterial ingredients, making them both safe and effective.

Clean Homes Naturally with Cusina

I got them from an event at Brotzeit and I’ve been loving and using them since. 

It has the consistency of normal dishwashing liquid. The smell however, is very notable. It smells like fruit and herbs combined, making it such a treat! 


Just a few drops is enough to make the sponge all soapy and ready for cleaning. 


What to Love:

  • All natural. No harsh chemicals, no alcohol based formulas, just the pure antibacterial goodness of eucalyptus and tea tree.
  • Refreshing Smell. It smells so nice that you won’t mind washing the dishes at all. 
  • Gentle. Since it is chemicals and alcohol-free, it’s gentle on the hands and even safe for washing baby bottles and utensils.
  • Pretty. Look at those bottles, don’t you agree? 🙂

It comes in these amazing flavors: Lemongrass Citrus, Grapefruit Lemon Zest, and the Ginger Yuzu Peel. I love the pink one best! Also, it’s only P80 for a 375mL bottle!

Clean Homes Naturally with Cusina

Where to Buy:

  • Babyland, Eastwood
  • The Green Company, Paterno, San Juan
  • Online at Cudsly

For more information, you can check


12 thoughts on “Clean Homes Naturally with Cusina

  1. Cant blame the husband really. Haha. Our favorite is the green one with its citrusy smell. Love the consistency as well and of course the fact that doesnt contain any harsh chemicals.

  2. I’m a big fan of natural antibac dishwashing liquids! Because I also use them to wash fruits and vegetables when I’m unsure about their cleanliness LOL. Must look this up, thanks for sharing!

  3. uy, I like their packaging! Looks really nice and colorful! I’ve never tried (nor heard of) this one yet. We might when I see this in the grocery next time. 🙂

  4. Oh this one is new! We will try to look for it if we already have it in our area. I love dishwashing liquid that has a fruity smell too!

  5. The design is so nice, doesn’t look boring like the usual bottles of dishwashing liquid in the market today. pwedeng koleksyon…

  6. When considering the purchase of household products, I agree to choose all-natural, biodegradable cleaning products. I consciously purchase natural cleaning products to support companies that help minimize the impact of hazardous chemicals on my family’s health and our environment.

  7. Hahahaha! I’ve been seeing this over the internet and I also thought it was a fruit juice! Buti napigilan mo si husband na inumin yan. Lol. Anyway, the product looks promising ha. I think the trend now are products that contains zero chemicals

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