Hassle-Free Shopping at BeautyMNL

Hassle-Free Shopping at BeautyMNL

I am super exhausted these days!

I can barely stay in front of the computer to complete a post. 

Much less go out and do grocery.

Yes, yes, I promise to get some rest.

Which is why I’ve found an ally in BeautyMNL, an online beauty site in the Philippines where we can discover something new and pretty everyday. 



What I super love about BeautyMNL is that it’s not all about makeup and lippies, it has the essentials too like shampoo and conditioner! I found this to be a very nice offer as there are times that you just need to run to the grocery to get a refill of your toiletries, don’t you? And with that little hoard, it’s just not worth it to drive all the way there, park, and fall in a long line.

What better and easier way to do it than sitting right in front of your desk, huh?

Essentials like shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are also available.

Fast and Convenient

Navigating through the website is easy. You can browse by category and then by brand or price range.


My Purchase

I was able to buy a few things from their website. They offer free delivery for orders above P2,000. They also accept the following modes of payment: credit card, bank deposit, cash on delivery and Paypal. 

The very next day after I placed my order, I received this BeautyMNL zipped plastic bag. Talk about fast! It’s always so exciting to receive a package!


These are what I ordered:

Apart from my orders, I also received Dove freebies! πŸ˜€ 


Just to be accurate, I was given the wrong size of the Pond’s Day Cream during the first delivery. I immediately notified them about it and they replaced the incorrect bottle with the correct one the very next day. I love how quick they responded!

Join and Win

By the way, BeautyMNL has an ongoing Selfie Contest. Ooh, boy, we all love that, don’t we? Stand a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face and a P200 BeautyMNL GC! Just follow these super easy steps!

  1. Post a selfie of your #FOTD (that’s β€œface of the day,” FYI) on Instagram. You can go as natural or experimental as you want with your beauty lookβ€”hair included!
  2. Add the hashtag #selfieMNL, then tag @beautymnl and@rosannaaranaz (on the photo, and not just the caption).
  3. At the end of every month, starting this April, Rosanna will choose the10 best selfies in the bunch and feature them on her BeautyMNL column.
  4. The 10 winning beauties get a printed polaroid of their selfie courtesy of Printster, plus a BeautyMNL Gift Card worth P200, delivered straight to their doorsteps! Now isn’t that awesome?

14 thoughts on “Hassle-Free Shopping at BeautyMNL

  1. I have two thoughts.

    1. To buy personal care products online as well as several other product categories, I think it is best if you already know the brand and specific product, rather than trying it out for the first time. I believe it is for health reasons that you know exactly what is in the products you are using.

    2. I hope they could keep up with the good service as their business grows. Customer service has always been one of the weakest part of a company and we all know how many companies started out great and then tapering down as popularity increase.

  2. Oh , I love going through sites like this . But , I have never really bought anything online. I like to touch , feel and smell stuff when buying. Of course, I understand as a mother of 2 ( they are so so sweet by the way , I love your header picture πŸ™‚ ) it is not easy to find some “me -time” and go out shopping. May I just suggest one little thing that you might consider adding in the future , it would be great if you would give readers ,who are not from your country , a clue about the prices. I know , you have added the prices , but for Europeans, as myself (for example) it is impossible to work this out as we are not familiar with your currency. Maybe just add once somewhere the exchange rate in dollar ?! Everybody could calculate this then roughly to get an idea. Just a suggestion , no criticism , tho ! Nice post anyway πŸ™‚

  3. I heard beautymnl a couple of times now and didn’t know it’s actually online. Yes, this kind of service is really helpful especially when you don’t have time and energy to do grocery shopping but if it’s about skin care, I think we should really be careful on what products to try on. I’m also quite surprised on how fast their delivery is. Living in Manila seems like everything is slow even services. So I hope they continue to be that way.

  4. Great to learn about such websites. Honestly, the Internet has practically made our lives easy; but at times I feel it’s making us dependent on it to a great extent too… with it, we feel lack of time to step out… but I wonder what we’d have done if it was never even there πŸ™‚

  5. Anything that’s hassle-free these days is totally worth checking out. I have heard of BeautyMNL and I think I’ve seen some of their ads of Facebook, but I have not made a purchase from them. However, I sure could spend an entire day going through sites like BeautyMNL to check out products. I will check them out for sure – lately, I have discovered the joys of online shopping. I’m a late bloomer at this, but it’s something that I enjoy doing now because it’s so convenient!

  6. That website looks great! I just love ordered online because it’s so convenient. And how nice that you got some little Dove freebies! Getting samples always puts me in a good mood and I use them when I travel.

  7. That’s some nice orders there! I really enjoy online shopping with free delivery and even freebies. It’s also great they responded quickly and changed you the wrong product. With some others it’s hell to do that and it takes ages. I also like those kind of contests, nowadays a lot is with social medias, hashtags and all, even though I never win any haha

  8. Pretty cool webshop. Especially for the Philippines. They won’t deliver all the way to Sweden right? Since I live in Stockholm… Or do they?

  9. I think that’s really the advantage of shopping online, it is hassle free and everything can be delivered in just one click away without the need of physically going outside to shop for the item you desired..
    the only thing that matters now is how fast the items are going to be delivered.. I think this one will meet a customer’s expectation.. thanks for sharing

  10. Oooh I’ve looked around the site before and it’s very promising! E-commerce in our country is proving to be really great considering the number of online shops popping here and there! πŸ˜€

  11. This is really convenient especially for those who already know what products they want. I still haven’t tried this, but I’m thinking of trying this soon. Especially that you mentioned, they deliver a day after. No need for me to go out of my house just to buy beauty products. By the way, how much is their delivery fee?

  12. I’ve been an FB page fan of Beauty MNL since last year, but I haven’t tried placing an order with them yet. It’s good that I came across your post since I can now be sure how legit and hassle free their business is. I’m a fan of buying personal care products online (but from another site). I’ll definitely give this a try on my next pay day. Thanks! πŸ˜€

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