RAVE of Pasig, a Park to Rave About

Rave of Pasig

Tucked away in the city of Pasig is a park that promises fun and adventure to everyone. Aptly named RAVE (Rainforest Adventure Experience), it offers nature, leisure, and adventure trails that guests are bound to enjoy and rave about.

I, for one, did just that! 🙂

One Friday morning, we found ourselves getting lost on the way there. We followed a wrong sign that led us further from the park. Oops! The group that we joined had already started by the time we got there. No worries though. We managed to catch up with them and just went back to the parts that we missed.

Rave of Pasig

This dinosaur was among the two that greeted park guests as they entered.

Rave of Pasig


There was a mini zoo inside that featured birds, crocodiles, ducks, snakes, carabaos, turtles, monkeys, and ostriches. While they may not have the bigger, more exotic animals, just seeing any animal was enough to make the kids go “wow!”

Rave of Pasig

Butterfly Pavillion

I wasn’t able to take nice photos of the butterflies inside though. 🙁

RAVE of Pasig

Flower Park

There was also a flower park inside that featured flowers like the Vietnam Rose on the photo. We’re not really into flowers so we just breezed through this part, not before first making a wish on the wishing well inside though. “I wish for chicken!” Guess who made that wish? LOL!

Rave of Pasig

Adventure Park

This is the area for the adventurous, with activities like wall climbing, ziplining, rappelling, BMXing, skateboarding, and running obstacle courses inside. We were not able to go in though as it does not seem suited for the kids. Maybe next time though, when it’s just the adventurous adults making the trip. 🙂

Rave of Pasig

Kiddie Playland

Now, this is the one for the kids! Unfortunately though, it was undergoing repairs and maintenance and so this section was closed. Huhuhuhu!

Rave of Pasig

Train Station

The park features three modern train coaches that you can ride to take a tour around the entire park. It can accommodate a max of 30 persons only though so best to get there early if you’re not the type to wait.

Rave of Pasig

Maze Park

You know those mazes where you’re in the middle of well-trimmed bushes and you’re supposed to find your way out? This one is it. There’s also a tower that you can go up to to take a bird’s eye view if you need some help getting out.

Rave of Pasig

This is how it looked like from the tower.

Rave of Pasig

There were also other amenities like the Ampitheater where parties can be held, Chess Pavilion that features giant chess pieces (the pieces were due to be replaced with fiberglass soon, the tour guide said), and Boating Lagoon where park guests can take a leisurely boat ride.

Rave of Pasig

Waterpark Pools

This section is one of the nicest parts of the park. Who wouldn’t be enticed with the clear blue waters and bright coloured slides?

It features 2 kiddie pools, a giant, a lap, and a splash pool!

Rave of Pasig

There is also a 200-meter 3-feet deep artifically-made running stream (Rapid Pool) where guests can float on using a floater. It also has fountains and waterfalls to add excitement to the 6-minute ride.

Rave of Pasig

Care to take a dip?

Rave of Pasig

Educational Trips

A lot of the park’s visitors were students from different schools taking their educational/field trips. The tour guide added that they’ve experienced accommodating as many as 60 groups in a day! Whew! What a lot of walking and talking for them!

Rave of Pasig

My Raves about RAVE

  • I find that it really is a nice place for both kids and adults alike. There’s a place for everyone – from the youngest of kids to the oldest of adults.
  • The place is really big that even with many groups in the park, you won’t feel that it’s too crowded.
  • The place is also well-staffed and well-maintained.
  • Garbage cans were accessible, staffs were visible.
  • They give due attention to their facilities, closing off sections for proper maintenance.
  • It’s well within the Metro so it’s very easy to go to.


Here are their published rates, with discounts for Pasiguenos.

Rave of Pasig

Pasig City RAVE
F. Legaspi Avenue, Maybunga, Pasig City
Rainforest Admin: 642-5280
Rainforest Waterpark: 628-4291

RAVE of Pasig map


13 thoughts on “RAVE of Pasig, a Park to Rave About

  1. Wow! There’s this kind of place in Pasig?! I live in the area but I didn’t know that til now. I would love to take my daughter here, too. Do you happen to know the exact directions to this place? 🙂

    1. If you’re already in the midst of Pasig, you can just ask for directions from the tricycle/jeepney drivers. That’s what we did. I’m not sure though if all cab drivers are familiar with it.

  2. Yay! Pasig looks fantastic these days. The flowers are lovely. I hope there will be more parks like this in our country. I miss my childhood, playing at the playground and killing time at the park.

    1. We went on a Friday morning, there were lots of students on their field trips, as in so many buses lined up outside pero we did not feel that it was crowded naman. Though the tour guide said when it’s weekends, packed daw sila. I suppose it’s more of the waterpark. Kasi if educational tour, d naman usually nagswiswim.

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