That Time When I Shopped for a New Blog Host

That Time When I Shopped for a New Blog Host

After bearing with my hosting for a couple of years, I finally decided to jump the gun and searched for a new home for the blog, no matter that I had no idea how to do it.

For the last couple of years, I was in a love-hate relationship with my hosting provider. It was working, it was comfortable, it was home. Until it wasn’t. Downtimes were more frequent; support wasn’t great.

I was too comfy however, to jump ship. Just thinking about making a move daunted me. I had no idea where to start. Online, the instructions run for more than 20 steps, with words like FTP, PHP, and ooooh, database. The way I shun those words, you’d never think that I was once a computer geek. LOL!

As my annual subscription was almost up, I started hunting for a new hosting provider. Bluehost came up more than a couple of times during my search. It came highly recommended by WordPress so I decided to give it a try.


Word for the wise. Don’t.

Purchasing a plan was the easy part. I even got a mid-range plan as the husband always scoffs at me whenever I gripe about my website woes. You get what you pay for, he always says.


I was not keen on following the more than 20 steps of migrating to another host manually because truly, creating content is more important for us, right? Luckily, I found a plugin that took care of things for me. I just installed All-in-one WP Migration, and let it do all the work.

I installed the plugin on WordPress in my old host and then hit export. It took a couple of tries to get it to succeed as it was more than 1GB of data. Once I had that ready, I installed the same plugin on WordPress in the one hosted by Bluehost. After that, it was just a matter of importing the data via the plugin. Easy peasy! And it worked! Everything was there.

The only problem was, page load was unbearably slow! Even accessing the backend via Bluehost was painstakingly slow! I tried to like it. Really, I did because I truly thought I had no choice but to stick with it.

That is, until I saw that there was a 30-day money-back guarantee. I wasted no time and had my plan cancelled immediately. 3 days later, I received a credit memo. Case closed. Whew!


Off to finding another hosting provider. This time, I was more thorough in reading reviews, not trusting sites that have affiliate links. I found SiteGround topping one of the lists that I saw. After checking that it has good reviews and that it also has a 30-day money back guarantee, I went ahead and got myself a plan.

And it took care of migration for me! They offered free migration service and it was such a treat! No hassle, no trouble, no migration downtime.

It’s been a smooth couple of weeks so far, save for one downtime of 2 minutes.

Their startup price is also very competitive at $3.95/month for the first year. I think I’ll worry about the price increase next year.

If you’re interested in getting your hosting from SiteGround, you may get started here.

Which hosting do you use? Are you happy with it?

15 thoughts on “That Time When I Shopped for a New Blog Host

  1. Host? You just made me confused. haha I am not very techy, to be honest. I blog, and all I know is that my blog is hosted by WordPress. SO… siteground and bluehost are sub-hosts? Or are they separate from WP? Haven’t heard about hosting and the aforementioned “hosts”. Sorry……. blogging newbie here. But thanks for sharing, I just realized I have much to learn if I’m going to take blogging seriously! Hope your new host is better!

    1. One of my blogs is hosted with Host Gator and the other one (the one I have with my boyfriend) is hosted with Bluehost simply because they had a better cost effective plan at the moment. I never had any major issues with any of them tbh. I have jetpack monitoring the downtimes and the maximum downtime is around 2min, so not that much big of a deal. But let’s wait and see. I have never tried siteground before. Might give it a try if I have any issues.

  2. Currently, I am hosted on InMotion Hosting. No complaints so far. I have had several hosts in the past for more than ten years so basically, I know what to look for in a hosting company. About the only thing I cannot predict is the long term stability of a company. In the case of one host I used, HostGator, the company was bought by a larger company that is known for buying several other companies, and any company it owns suffer from poor service.

  3. My websites are hosted on Bluehost. So far, I do not have problems with them. What problems did you encounter? It’s good that you got to migrate your content easily.

  4. Are hosting sites synonymous to godaddy and the like? Or its a different thing? Is domain different from hosting? When it comes to technical stuffs i suck! Hahaha! If ever i need to fix something on my blog i call a friend or an expert. There are just things that i dont want to do on my own, and i cant.. All i care about is to write. Anyway, will the migration thing affect the blog traffic?

  5. When I was starting my blog less than a year ago, Bluehost came up so many times, so when I did the live chat with them twice, to ask some questions before purchasing the plan, I realised their support was not good enough as I was not getting the answers I needed and I did not bother with them.

  6. I can only say good things aboit Siteground! I move a few months ago after putting up with a horrible local host and I’m so happy! Lucky I got mine on sale for 2.95 hehe. Hope everything on your website runs smoothly 😄😜☺

  7. Currently, I am being hosted by a fellow blogger. She was kind enough to sponsor it for me! I have no complaints so far as she is a very responsible host, always informing if there’s a major activity that is needed to be done. She also always accommodates my requests for upgrade with bandwidth and disk space. I am 100% happy with my blog host!

  8. Our host currently is Host Gator. According to our website developer, it’s the “Google” of the host. They’re really big so no downtimes. It’s my first time hearing about the WP migration tool by the way, so I’ll take note of this if there is a possibility that we have to change our host. Our developer was the one who migrated our content from Wix to our host previously.

  9. My blog is hosted under a friend’s hosting plan. But I am planning to migrate to my own since I am planning to start a business. I’ll try to consider this soon.

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