#healthIsHappening Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Flossing When DA had his first dental visit, the dentist recommended flossing his teeth already. Really? At such a young age? It’s to build a habit of it, the dentist said, so that when the permanent teeth come in, he would have included it in his daily oral habit already. Since they can’t […]

#HealthIsHappening Day1

#healthisHappening Challenge Day 1

As part of my volunteer work for Unilab Foundation’s #healthierPH (and my dream of owning an iPhone 5s!), I am joining #HealthIsHappening 21-day Healthy Habit Challenge. What is it? It’s basically a chronicle of your building a good and healthy habit for the next 21 days. Why 21? They say that it takes that long to […]