Lily and Tucker Bags

Fab Kids’ Bags from Lily and Tucker

It’s too bad that this bag from Lily and Tucker didn’t arrive soon enough or I would have brought it to our trips last summer. It would have been perfect, I surmise. Next time, next time. In the meantime, while waiting for that next opportunity, I’ve put it to good use by using it as one […]


Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Finally!

In my zombie state today (I literally was not able to sleep a wink last night!), I managed to walk to the bookstore and splurge on these very very costly colored pencils! Can you imagine colored pencils ever costing a few thousand bucks?! Makes me rethink losing sleep ever again, LOL! Anyway, no, I haven’t joined […]

DreamPlay in City of Dreams Manila

What to See inside DreamPlay City of Dreams Manila

Update: June 10, 2016: Check out Dreamplay’s new and exciting attractions as part of their first anniversary celebration!  ———————————- DreamPlay by DreamWorks in City of Dreams Manila is the first-of-its-kind indoor, interactive play and creativity center. Built upon the incredible stories of DreamWorks and brought to life through the latest digital technologies, DreamPlay allows kids to experience their wildest dreams.  Let’s go […]

Child Seat for Bike

Where I Found our Bicycle Child Seat

I love taking the bicycle for a spin around the neighbourhood. I love using it for a quick trip to the grocery. I love using it to get my milk tea fix. I love using it to give my legs their much needed workout.  I always have to hide from the kids when I do […]

Mad Science Party

Mad Science, Making Parties Scientifically Cool

Last weekend, the kids and I attended a kiddie party at GHW. Oh, I just love attending kiddie parties! There’s always so much color, so much decors, and so much fun! This party’s theme was underwater adventure. Let me share with you some of the notable things in the party. 🙂 Setup Sea creatures of all sizes […]