COCOLINE Naturals Review + Giveaway

Another one of my 2016 discoveries is COCOLINE Naturals. Being pregnant during that time though had my hormones and senses going haywire so it’s only now that I get to do a proper review. COCOLINE Naturals is all the goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil in a bottle. It’s all-natural, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and best of all, paraben-free. […]

LUX Soft Touch

Indulgence with LUX Soft Touch

A friend once asked me about my bathing routine. I admitted to her that I do it in the simplest and quickest way possible, in and out of the shower in less than 15 minutes. There’s just too much of other things to do. There’s just no time to indulge, no time for pampering. Or is there? I […]