4 Historical Sites to Visit On your Next Trip to the USA


Visiting historical sites are always a nice add-on for the young learners of History. It adds life to the boring pages, color to the battles and passion to the victories.

In case you find yourself in a city for business or for real estate search, perhaps among the Princeton homes for sale, make sure to plan around these sites and relive History while you are in the area.

Princeton Battlefield State Park, Princeton, New Jersey

While visiting Princeton, you won’t want to miss this state park. The 85-acre park is the site of a significant turning point in the American Revolution. A desperate battle that occurred back on January 3, 1777, in which troops led by General George Washington managed to surprise and defeat a force of British Regulars. It was the end of what’s known as “The Ten Crucial Days” that included the night crossing of the Delaware River and two Trenton battles. Visitors can also explore the 1772 Clarke House, which served as a sanctuary for General Hugh Mercer, who died in the battle. It also showcases Revolutionary War exhibits, as well as furniture from the period. The park grounds include hiking trails and are a popular spot for bird-watching too.

Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a bucket-list destination for history enthusiasts, the place to learn how American democracy came about and evolved into what it is today. The Liberty Bell is arguably its most iconic landmark, a symbol of freedom for many. It was originally cast back in 1752 and is now famously cracked, which eventually rendered it unusable. Located in Independence National Historical Park, visitors can take free tours to view it and learn about its history. They can also tour Independence Hall, the building where colonial leaders met and wrote both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg was the site where, in 1863, “the greatest battle ever fought on American soil” took place. There were 51,000 Confederate and Union soldiers killed here over three days in what’s considered to be the Civil War’s bloodiest battle. Explore the visitor center and museum, tour the battlefield, and the national cemetery. The town itself hosts a wide range of early American buildings that include the Jennie Wade House and Shriver House Museum.

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

One of the country’s most famous and most popular historic sites, The Alamo, is the spot where, in 1836, an epic siege took place over 13 days during the Texas Revolution. Ultimately, the Mexican troops defeated Texan volunteer soldiers who fought for autonomy from Mexico. It includes exhibits detailing the fort’s role during the war, as a mission and Native American burial ground. The Long Barrack contains a museum that details the state’s history, while the mission church showcases battle artifacts, including weapons. San Antonio Missions National Historic Park is a short drive away and worth visiting, too, featuring several original missions that once housed Christian missionaries who hoped to convert Native Americans.

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