Have You Ever Stayed in a Room this Cute?

Happy Magic Room

This post is actually long overdue as it has been many months since our last Japan trip. It’s way too cute not to share though so I’m still sharing it with you. 🙂

During our stay in Japan, we booked rooms in Hilton Tokyo Bay. SIL was the one who actually booked it as she and her family had stayed there many times before. Expecting nothing out of the ordinary, we were in for a magical surprise, much to the kids’ delight! 

The moment we stepped out of the elevators to go to our rooms, we were transported into a storybook-like setting. Real looking trees and painted animals adorned the walls, the ceiling, and even the doors to each room.

Happy Magic Room

We could barely contain our excitement and so hurriedly opened the door to our room. 

Happy Magic Room

It surely did not disappoint!

Happy Magic Room

The room was decorated whimsically from floor to ceiling making us truly feel the fairytale atmosphere. 

Happy Magic Room

There were even surprises for the kids like this lamp where you have to use the wooden key to turn it on and off. On the other side of this is a magic mirror (think Snow White’s mirror) where a hologram face appears. It’s not a scary face though so the kids loved it!

Happy Magic Room

The storybook feel continued even to the bathroom!

Happy Magic Room

I super love the tree stump on the floor that served as a step stool for the kids. Super cute and functional! Plus of course the Japanese toilet seat, which is everywhere in Japan! 🙂

Happy Magic Room

We also found these children’s books, which turned out to be the basis for the designs. The characters in the book were the same ones all over the room and in the hallways. Oh, if only they had an English version.

Happy Magic Room

I would later learn that these special rooms are called Happy Magic Rooms. The ‘Magic Forest’ designs were exclusively created for the Hilton Tokyo Bay. They do have regular looking rooms as well, apart from this fun one. 🙂

What to Love about Hilton Tokyo Bay

  • Happy Magic Room. Highly recommended if you have kids!
  • Near Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Regular shuttles available.
  • Disney Store Inside. Forgot to buy a souvenir from Disneyland? No problem, just head straight to the Disney store on the ground floor.
  • Restaurants and Convenience Store Inside. We often bought dinner and sandwiches from the convenience store downstairs. 

Hilton Tokyo Bay


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  1. Wow, that’s so cute, my daughter would love it there, she would even probably want to stay in the hall, haha. I’ve also read about a hotel inspired by Harry Potter, haha, I would love to stay there, too.

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