101 Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

101 Ways to Use Vaseline Jelly

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I posted the photo below showing my rusty craft tool (right). Did you know that you can put Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on tools or even bicycle chromes before storing them to keep the rust at bay? I wish I had known that before as our bicycles and scooters are constantly exposed to moisture from the rain so you can just imagine what they look like now. Huhu!

101 Ways to Use Vaseline Jelly

Anyway, this powerful jelly seems to have so much more uses than that, 100 more actually! I’ll list some of them here.

101 Uses of Vaseline Jelly

101 Ways to Use Vaseline Jelly

  1. Post-shave balm. Shaving causes stress to the skin, as it not only removes hair, but the top-most layer of skin, too. After shaving, use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to soothe skin and replenish moisture, as well as add a layer of protection to prevent irritation and further damage.

  2. Face moisturizer. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or both, keeping your face hydrated is always important. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is packed with moisturizing properties to keep skin looking healthy and youthful.

  3. Skin protection for babies. Skin irritation can be caused by a number of aggressors, and the protective and moisturizing properties of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly are perfect for soothing rashes and calming the skin for both babies and adults.

  4. Eyebrow gel. A quick slick of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can slick eyebrow hairs back and keep them in place all day for a neat look that perfectly frames your face.

  5. Makeup remover. Removing makeup at the end of every day is necessary to avoid dirt and oil from clogging pores and causing breakouts. Massaging a thin layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly over a dry, made up face, and gently wiping it off with a flannel or tissue effectively removes makeup and preps the skin for proper cleansing.

  6. After-sun soothing cream. Skin that’s been exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time can become burnt and painful. A layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can help soothe the burn and protect it from further irritation.

  7. Foot lotion. Not a lot of moisturizers can penetrate the thick skin on the soles of our feet. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly’s rich texture is perfect for applying on cracked heels and dry soles, as it provides moisture for the skin to absorb. Simply wear socks on top if it overnight, and wake up with feet as soft as a baby’s.

  8. Perfume maximizer. Perfume lasts longest on skin that is moisturized, as this gives the fragrance particles something to cling to. A thin layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your scent points will help ensure that your perfume lasts for hours after initial application.

  9. Jewelry lubricant. When rings get stuck on fingers and earrings become difficult to remove, a small amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly gives the metal some slip, letting them come off easily.

10. Lip balm. The most popular way to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly –and with good reason. The skin on the lips is extra thin, and contains no oil glands, making it prone to extreme dryness and              chapping. Applying Vaseline Petroleum Jelly throughout the day helps to keep the lips plump and moisturized for a happy and healthy look.

I’ll stop here as this post might get super long. For the 90 more ways to use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, you may check out the full list on Vaseline’s page.

Do you have any other uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly? Share them in the comments section! 🙂

7 thoughts on “101 Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

  1. I also use petroleum jelly on my heels then wrap my feet with socks. Love the effect. Petroleum jelly can also be used to make those lashes longer. Yup!

  2. I use Petroleum jelly on my heels with socks as well, also also as lip balm, and hand moisturizer. Other than those, napa “aha!” ako sa face moisturizer, eyebrow gel and make up remover! Wow! Daming gamit pala talaga ng petroleum jelly! amazing!

  3. I’m doing 9 out of 10 from your list. I haven’t tried vaseline with jewelry yet but will take note of that. We also use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly at home, it is recommended by my Derma. 🙂

  4. I love to use this every night before we’re going to bed, specially on my feet and Zd’s feet. At everytime na magka rushes si Zd ito agad ang mabilis kong nilalagay sa kanya. Very helpful.

  5. #10 is what I do everyday but I’ve done #1 – 9 too before. I had no idea though that I can use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on tools too! We have extra jars here. Will try using it for some of hubby’s rusty tools. 🙂

  6. Wonderful content is there on your blog. I got good information on your blog compared to other blogs. It is very useful to me. Thanks for sharing this information and keep share good information on your blog.

  7. Hi, Cheryl.
    I also know Vaseline is only for external use. But, so many sometimes hesitate that Vaseline is also taken for eatin. What do you think about that?

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