8 Items Worth Getting at the Big Bad Wolf 2020


And the Big Bad Wolf is back!

Truth be told, I tried really really hard to steer clear from it. We don’t need any more books, I tried to convince myself. There were still so many unopened books from last year’s haul, WE DON”T NEED ANY MORE!!!

Oh well, I’ll just go take a quick look around and NOT bring anything home, I reasoned.


Oh, it’s just too impossible!

Anyway, I ended up spending 5 or so hours inside and hauled three bagful of books (and others) home. I went there early on a Saturday morning. The crowd started to swell at around 8AM. Lines to the cashier were quick though so you can spend all the time you need browsing.

Book Haul

Here are some of the books (and non books) that I got for my older kids (6-8 year old) that are worth taking a look at.

1. First Atlas

First Atlas (Cover)
First Atlas (Inside Pages)

Book Title: First Atlas
Price: P390
Why I Got it:
I like it because it’s not overly kiddie. It has enough photos (the illustrations are very nice) to keep the kids interested and the fonts are not too small to chase them away. It also has a folded world map poster inside, equally nice.

2. How to Build a City

How to Build a City (cover)
How to Build a City (Inside Pages)

Book Title: How to Build a City
Price: P290
Why I Got it: The boys play Minecraft so learning how to build a real city might interest them. I got curious myself when I read the title. The paragraph at the back reads, from solar panels to sewers and from trams to tower blocks, follow our step-by-step guide and watch the city transform from a cluster of houses to a mega metropolis…

3. How to Write a Story

How to Write a Story (Cover)
How to Write a Story (Inside Pages)

Book Title: How to Write a Story
Price: P230
Why I Got it: This might have more to do with my writing frustrations than anything else. LOL! Anyway, there’s no harm in trying to see if either (or both) of them have a knack at writing stories. It’s very kid friendly with lots of cartoon illustrations.

4. Horrible Geography Fantastic Flags Sticker Book

Flags Sticker Book (Cover)
Flags Sticker Book (Inside Pages)

Book Title: Horrible Georgraphy: Fantastic Flags Sticker Book
Price: P160
Why I Got it: Stickers, oooh fun! It’s not just a plain ol’ stickerbook though. It also offers “freaky flag facts and earth shattering info about the world around us.”

5. Horrible Geography: Violent Volcanoes

Violent Volcanoes (Cover)
Violent Volcanoes (Inside Pages)

Book Title: Horrible Georgraphy: Violent Volcanoes
Price: P160
Why I Got it: Because of base surge, phreatic, phreato-magmatic, pyroclastic and all that jargon, all thanks to Taal. Plus, it’s the Horrible Zone series. It’s bound to be a good and fun read.

6. National Geographic Kids: Weird But True

Weird but True (Cover)
Weird but True (Inside Pages)

Book Title: NatGeo Kids: Weird but True
Price: P160
Why I Got it: It’s a very fun read for the kids. They get to learn so many weird fun facts that have them asking you “Did you know that…?” Remember Olaf in Frozen 2? Yes, that!

7. Collins World Map

Collins World Map

Title: Collins World Map
Price: P350
Why I Got it: It’s big, which makes everything easier to see! It’s sized at 40 x 54 inches and includes the updated world map (showing individual countries, main roads, railways, cities, and towns), national flags, and key statistics for every country. How does it look on our wall?

8. Know Yourself Anatomy Adventure Box Set

Anatomy Adventure (Box Cover)
Anatomy Adventure (Contents)

Title: Anatomy Adventure
Price: P290
Why I Got it: The typography skeleton was just calling out to me! This set contains so many cool things that you just can’t miss it. This is just one of the many body parts and functions boxed set that they offer. I find that this one is the “coolest” among the rest though so I just chose this.

The contents are: Time Skaters comic book, adventure guide, typography skeleton, playing cards, stickers, backpack, quick start card, fabric markers (ours didn’t come with this huhu), traditional Russian recipes.

There’s not really that much information about bones inside though. They do offer their children’s book (Dr. Bonyfide’s 4 Books) in their website, which you can buy for a more detailed explanation about each body function.

BBW 2020

Big Bad Wolf is still ongoing at the World Trade Center in Pasay City until the 24th of February 2020. As always, it’s open 24 hours, no food and drinks are allowed inside. For health security measures, they do a thermoscan of all visitors before going inside.

Happy book shopping!

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