Easy Exercises that Kids Can Do

Exercises Kids Can Do

Eating is fun until the calories start piling and the flabs start showing. My 8-year old soon realized this as he struggled to button his pants and fit into his shirts. He came to me one day asking what he can do about it.

A More Active Lifestyle

I admit, the kids’ inactive lifestyle due to long hours in school is largely at fault. There is hardly any chance to do anything what with juggling homework and catching enough Z’s. (Hmm…this makes me want to reassess their current schooling more.)

In spite of that, I suggested for my son to simply get moving. I also reminded him of simple exercise routines that don’t require having to go outside, if the latter is not possible.

Here are 5 simple exercises that he has started doing and what your kids can too!

1. Up and Down the Stairs

This is as simple as it gets. Just climb up and down the stairs a number of times and you’re bound to burn those calories! No stairs? No problem. Use a low stool to step up and down on.

2. Planking

Kid doing Planking

He learned this from his archery class last summer ( our Youtube video here) and I was surprised that kids can actually do it. Just hold the position for as long as the child can and try to extend it longer in succeeding tries. Watch the video for the more correct form as the coach was there to guide him.

3. Side Planking

Kid doing Side Planking

This is one variation of the planking. It’s the same idea but just do it on the side. Planks are great for forming those abs!

4. Squats

Put your arms in front of you and bend your knees to do squats. Start with 20 counts and increase gradually.

5. Push-Ups

Kid doing Push Ups

Yes, even kids can do push-ups! Instead of doing a full one on the floor, have the child prop up on a low table or chair. As with the others, start with a low count and increase it gradually.

Run/Walk/Bike/Skateboard/Scooter/Play Ball – Whatever! Just Go Outside!

Riding a Scooter

If there is a chance though, I say, just go outside! This one needs no further prodding. Kids are born to be active so they will be every chance they get. It’s good exercise and it’s time away from gadgets and gizmos, always a win-win.

Bonus: Get the right active wear

One last tip that I’d like to add is to get the right gear for the kids. We’ve had many accidents before because I overlooked this small detail. I usually just let them go and play in whatever they were wearing, ending up in slips and falls.

These days, I know better. I make sure that they have their sports clothes and sports shoes on. On him are the Adidas Climalite shorts and the Adidas Alphabounce sneakers that he chose for himself. Isn’t it great when a brand offers a great selection of active wear for kids too? 🙂

In case you’re on the lookout for great Adidas items, be sure to check out great deals this coming Black Friday!

Let’s all try to be more active! It’s good for our health!

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