How to Send Money to Smart Padala with Paymaya


Update: April 3, 2020. Added also instructions on how to send money to Palawan Express (see last part)

With the enhanced quarantine casted over the whole metro, life, as we know it, has changed.

A whole lot!

In an effort to flatten the curve, we are all strictly following the Stay at Home protocol. One of the challenges, apart from sourcing food and supplies however, has been how the household staff can send money to their loved ones in the provinces. It used to be that they go out to a Smart Padala business center and send money through there. Not possible now, right?

Good thing there’s Paymaya.

Because many have been asking, here’s a step by step guide on how to send money to Smart Padala or even deposit to banks using Paymaya.

1. Download Paymaya & Register

Download the Paymaya app (available in iOS, Android, and Huawei) and register an account for free.

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2. Upgrade Your Account

You will need to upgrade your account to be able to gain access to your online banking or credit card. To do this, you’d simply have to fill in your personal information, IDs, and take a video selfie. It would take a few days to verify/approve your account.

Upgrade Account Requirements

3. Add Money

To be able to send money, your account has to have money first. You can do this by tapping Add Money on the app’s main page.

Paymaya Add Money

You can opt to add money by debiting directly from your bank account or through a debit or credit card. There are other money partner options as well but since we are on a lockdown, those are not viable.

Add Money to Paymaya Account

If you don’t have an online banking setup ready, adding money via credit card is the way to go. You can’t do an exact amount though. Adding money is available in the following denominations.

Add Money through Credit Card

4. Send Money

Once you’ve loaded up, you can already send money. Tap the Send Money from main screen.

Paymaya Send Money

Enter the Smart Padala number. In this case, it’s the one that starts with 5577. Upon entering the number, it automatically detects that it’s a Smart Money in the account type. Enter the amount and an optional message.

Paymaya Send Money

The transfer fee is 1.5% or P15 for every P1000 sent. In this case, we sent P3,000 so the transfer fee is P45. It is a cheaper option than going to a Smart Padala center.

Confirmation message

Upon a successful sending, Paymaya will send you an SMS message about the transfer. Whoever is claiming the money needs to give the reference number (in red box below) to the center so be sure to forward the SMS to the recipient.

Paymaya SMS Message

Bank Deposits

What with all the online purchasing that we have to do, most sellers ask for bank deposits. No need to go out to find an open branch, we can also do bank deposits through Paymaya.

On the main page, choose Bank Transfer.

Paymaya Bank Transfer

Select the recipient’s bank and enter the bank account number and name. Ensure that you have sufficient funds first.

Paymaya Bank Transfer Details

Palawan Express

To send money to Palawan Express, tap the Send Money option in the main page.

Use the official Palawan Pawnshop Account Number depending on the whether it is in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao.

  • Luzon: 5577-5194-0831-6108
  • Visayas: 5577-5194-0831-3105
  • Mindanao: 5577-5194-0831-0101

Enter the amount and click Continue.

To claim, recipient must bring 1 valid ID, mobile phone, and the reference number as the proof of transaction.

So far, those have been the very useful features of Paymaya during this enhanced quarantine. There are also many other features like paying bills and purchasing load that you might find useful.

Anyway, I hope you found this post helpful. Stay at home and stay safe! We’ll get through this!

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