Candy Buffet – Hottest Party Trend


If you have gone to any celebration recently, you’ve probably experienced a candy buffet.  Candy buffets are the latest and greatest trends for the party circuit, and with good reason.

Hosts have turned to the candy buffet to replace traditional pastry tables. The candy buffet allows the hosts to supply a variety of treats at an affordable price with a major WOW factor! Because candy is storable, easily moved and keeps well, there is less waste and clean-up is a snap. This addresses the most problematic issues of the traditional party refreshments.

The Candy Buffet

Candy buffets are beautiful and themes range from elegant weddings to Super Bowl parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties, Halloween and holiday parties. Let’s see how the candy buffet stands up to traditional food tables.


Candy is bought in bulk from premium suppliers such as Sweet Services. Bulk candy comes in 5-pound bags and is easily arranged and mixed for a unique and beautiful display. The cost of the candy is less than pastries and cakes with a lot less work. Tables, tablecloths, serving dishes,  and serving spoons or scoops are reusable and many times the host has some on hand.


It is almost impossible to have something for everyone available at a traditional pastry table. At best, you may incorporate a sugar-free selection, but what flavor?  Bulk candy suppliers offers all the traditional candy you love and they offer a line of candy that is sugar-free, fat-free, kosher, gluten free, and allergy free (with no nut products). A section of your table can feature these items so everyone will find a yummy treat they love and the variety is massive.

How much food?

The average guest will consume 8-ounces of candy. This makes it easy to figure how much candy is needed.  However, most candy selections come in 5-pound bags. This makes it easy to have an extra bag on hand for emergency refills.  Provide gift bags for your guest to take home bags of their favorites. This ensures you will be able to hand out candy and prevent having too much left over. If you do have leftovers, candy is easily stored and will keep so taking home leftovers is a good thing!


Clean up is simply packing away the table, and empty containers. There are no messy tables to clean, no plates of food on the grounds, no spilled foods to be picked up.  A waste can for wrappers is the only supply needed.

Your guests will be stunned and instantly thrilled when they see the beautiful candy buffet that awaits them.  Candy buffets are easy to put together and easy to remove. A candy buffet is appropriate for any event.  It is little wonder that the candy buffet is such a hot trend.  If you have questions about candy, storage, and supplies, contact a bulk supplier like Sweet Services.. Ask them about specials and promotions for money saving deals. Order early to prevent expedited shipping costs.


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