Gifting Experiences with Groupon


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine though. 🙂

It was Report Card Day again, which explains why my Facebook feed was once again filled with photos of various kids posing happily with their awards. These, from their very proud parents, of course.

I was too modest to join in the brag-fest however. LOL! Anyway, the boys actually did a great job and I’m just as proud as the others.

Look, the little one even surprised me with an almost perfect score, which I did not expect from his young age.



I wanted to give them some sort of a reward for doing great. I didn’t want to get them any more toys as there are already too much of it around the house. Hmm…

It must have been a coincidence that I was checking upon Groupon and it gave me an idea! Why not reward them with experiences, instead of things? Looking at Groupon, it sure made it easy and affordable to find things to do depending on a specific location.

A trip to the museum would be something interesting for the kids to do. And it’s at 46% off!


Oh, this one, I’m sure they’d enjoy! Indoor Playground! Up to 54% off!


This one also! Trampoline playground! At 46% off!


Too bad though that these are not available in our area. They’ve given me great ideas though! 🙂

How about you, what rewards do you give your kids when they do a good job?

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