Strengthen Your Kids’ Protection with Ceelin Plus

Strengthen Your Kids' Protection with Ceelin Plus

A lot of kids have been getting sick lately. The scary thing about it is the symptoms are getting scarier and scarier.

A mom friend recounted how she got the scare of her life when her son’s temperature rose up to 40.1C! Another mom shared how her son had convulsions because of a sudden spike in temperature! And all these are just caused by viral infections!

Stronger Infections

These infections are getting stronger and stronger, not to mention more and more, as there are infections today that are non existent years ago.

The scariest part is that our kids are so vulnerable to these infections with them being in schools and playgrounds. These venues are the easiest places to catch the sickness. It’s really a must then to step up their defenses, put on a stronger armor, so to speak.

The Ceelin TVC below actually nails it with the strong helmet and shield. I certainly would want my kids to have that strong an armor because it really is hard to get sick! Not to mention costly!

You can also view the video in Ceelin’s Facebook Page

A Plus in Protection

It’s a good thing that Ceelin has come up with a Plus in protection. The combination of Vitamin C and Zinc through ZincPlus Technology provides superior protection from sickness thus lessening the occurrence of sickness, and when one is sick, reducing the severity and shortening the bout of sickness. Even my mom friend who’s a doctor recommends this.
Strengthen Your Kids' Protection with Ceelin Plus
No matter how much we try to fill in their vitamin requirement through diet, we often fail. I’m so glad that I can rely on Ceelin Plus for the added protection. The kids have been on Ceelin Plus, which they really need now because the entire house is full of my virus. *Sniff*Sniff*Cough*Cough* I hope to feel better soon and I do hope that the kids won’t get what I’m having now because of their beefed up protection.

About Ceelin Plus

  • Ceelin Plus provides superior protection from sickness for your child, which translates to him/her not getting sick very often.
  • Comes in the following flavors: Apple (drops and syrup) and Orange (chewables)
  • Comes in:
    • Ceelin Plus Drops 15mL (P82)
    • Ceelin Plus Drops 15mL (P114)
    • Ceelin Plus Syrup 60mL (P78)
    • Ceelin Plus Syrup 120mL (P140)
    • Ceelin Plus Syrup 250mL (P237)
    • Ceelin Plus Chewables 100s (P450)
  • Created with PediaTech, which provided Ceelin Plus with the most stable Vitamin C and Zinc combination
  • Available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide
  • Made by Unilab
During this flu season, will you step up your kids’ protection?

30 thoughts on “Strengthen Your Kids’ Protection with Ceelin Plus

  1. The package looks great haha. I love that. It’s catchy and you will keep remembering it. That’s great marketing. And sounds like a useful product rely on for your kids.

  2. It’s flu season again and so this post is very timely! I love that you were able to describe the product/s well and provided the prices for each variant. Will surely recommend this 🙂

  3. Before, i really cant find any good reason to continue taking vitamins since I give my boys fruits, vegetables and meat. Then i learned that the daily dose of vitamins they need for a day may not be covered by the food they took thus vitamins and food supplements fill that gap. Ive noticed too that there are less instances of them getting sick when they have their regular vitamins.

  4. with the kind of weather we have today, kids should really be armed with a protection like this! I still remember that old Ceelin commercial and their jingle haha…my little brother grew up using Ceelin vitamins so I can really attest that this one is truly effective!

  5. Kids now a days need vitamins because of our unhealthy environment. Glad that you are using this product. I heard a lot of good things about this and it is already a combination of zinc and vitamin c.

  6. I am not yet a Mom so I cannot relate much about parenting stuff. Regarding vitamins I am aware of this brand since my sister used this for her kids and I think this is really good and trusted. I really admire mommies like you, those that are hands on 🙂

  7. If you really think about it, it boils down to having a strong immune system, and Vitamin C helps in that area. I hope your kids get the protection they need from sickness. 🙂

  8. Ceelin is my best friend! My son’s been using it since he was 6 months old! I didn’t like it before but eventually learned to like the taste. I’m so happy my son doesn’t get sick too often.

  9. Just like last weekend, it was raining hard, and now we’re back to having summer in September (lol), that’s why I think kids today really need that extra protection! Hirap pag ang kids ang nagka-sakit!

  10. Vit C is very important to our kido specially ngaun sa tag ulan usong uso ang flu sa paligid kung di mo makukuha sa climate natin mahahawaan tayo sa may mga ubo at sipon. Thank ceelin ito din gamit ko kay Zd.

  11. These days, we really need to be more vigilant when it comes to taking care of our children’s health. It’s a good thing that there are kid-approved vitamins like Ceelin, which will strengthen their immune system.

  12. My son loves Ceelin! We already switched to Ceelin Plus since he’s already 1 year old but he still loves every bit of it. I think Ceelin is essential to our kids health lalo sa picky eaters like my son. Recently, he got sick and I had to boost his immune system but he just won’t eat that much food kahit yung mga favorite nya but he’s excited for his vitamins always kaya buti na lang we have it in the fridge kasi kailangan nya talaga yun lalo na Vitamin C. My son’s okay na ngayon by the way. 🙂

  13. I don’t normally give vitamin supplements to my kids. But I usually hear this brand as a recommended option. We make the kids eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C.

  14. I grew up taking Ceelin as my primary vitamin supplement! We still have a steady supply of vitamins now but it makes sense to still buy Ceelin in the future.

  15. Haven’t tried Ceelin yet. Thankful that my daughter doesn’t get sick easily (with God’s grace). I let her eat fruits and vegetables and she takes her vitamins too. Would love to give Ceelin to my daughter one day. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  16. Vitamins are really essential to my kids especially now that they’ve stopped drinking their milk. It will help them strengthen their immune system lalo na at paiba-iba lage ang panahon natin.

  17. I used this for my kids before, but had to stop since nag-mana sa daddy nila. The more they take vitamin C, the more sickly they are. Ang weird.

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