Turn off the Worry with Off!


Confession. I am partly to blame these days that the kids are getting too much screen time and not enough playing time outside.

You see, I used to be that cool, active mom who rides a penny board (that smaller thinner skateboard) while the kids chase me with their scooters and twist cars.

Until I became too pregnant and too heavy.

Until Dengue hit a classmate and a cousin.

Until Zika became a threat for pregnant women.

These days, the kids often see me in front of the computer or just lounging around. They tend to do the same, looking for an iPad to borrow or a show to watch.

They drive me crazy, really. I feel that I’m being a bad mom by letting them waste their time on shows and gadgets.

And so from time to time, I shoo them out of the house.

Go ride your scooters. Go run around. Go look for ants, go catch the butterflies!

Go. Be. Kids.

But not until you’ve had your dose of mosquito protection! I’m glad to have found the Kids version of Off! lotion. It’s really ideal for short playtime outside (protection of up to 3 hours) and the kids love the scent!  I myself don’t like the scent of the original green one so this version is so refreshing!

By habit, the kids now know to put some Off! lotion first before heading out the front door because if they don’t, they’re sure to come back all red and itchy.

Turn off the Worry with Off!

And so despite the above reasons, fun time can continue because I can turn off the worry by using Off!

Well, except for the pregnant and heavy part.

That I can’t change until this little bun comes out of the oven.

In the meantime, do you think it’s overly crazy if I gave this one more whirl?

Turn off the worry with Off!

33 thoughts on “Turn off the Worry with Off!

  1. We use Off for Kids too! This is super important for us since the kids go to schools that are super close to nature. My son’s school even have a naturalist approach so they’re always out in the woody parts of their school. But I don’t worry since I know they’re protected. 🙂

  2. I also have a stash of OFF Lotion. I never gamble when it comes to safety from the diseases brought by mosquitoes. Like you mommy I sometimes keep my child at home just watching TV. Us mommies will always do everything to keep our kids safe.

  3. The problem with kids nowadays is spending too much time hooked into gadgets and stuffs and too little time being active. I impose max time playing electronics and it works. The rest of their play time is outside.

  4. When it comes to insect repellent lotion, only one thing comes to mind – Off! It’s been a trusted brand long before I was born. In fact we made sure to take it with us when we were on our Kid’s Camp.

  5. I feel you when you say kids drive you crazy. At times, I feel I wanna shoo away my 3 year old son, but thankfully I have 2 days off when he’s at school. And we also imposed a rule to use his iPad only during weekends. Initially. he’s upset. But now, he’s already used to it, so I guess it helps. 🙂

  6. I’ve never been a fan of using off lotion but ever since I had a dengue scare, I found myself being more cautious. This is something I’d like to use on my chold once she gets older.

  7. I haven’t tried OFF yet, since we have another brand that we haven’t finished yet. But yes, the Zika was indeed scary. My son pa naman seems to attract mosquitoes kahit mas exposed ang skin namin ni husband.

  8. Being pregnant also gives me the excuse to sleep more and catch more sleep. Seriously though, we should let kids be kids. But they need protection first. We also use OFF insect repellent lotion. And we love the overtime variant. Let me check the kids as surely they would love the smell, too.

  9. I feel you. I also feel guilty when kids are stuck inside the house. Haha I like off lotion. We even brought one here abroad from the Philippines. 🙂

  10. I can relate! That’s how I am, too. I always put insect repellants on my kids because I’m paranoid about Dengue, although I try to look for more organic brands for my kids.

  11. When I was still a kid, I remember that we’re using OFF Lotion na para iwas dengue talaga. Nakakatakot pa naman ang dengue! And now that I am also already a mommy, I use OFF lotion pa rin as extra precaution and para mas worry-free nga naman lalo na pag tag-ulan at uso ang dengue.

  12. I am praning when it comes to my kids! I usually use a mosquito patch on them since they don’t like me putting Off lotion on them. But when we have to be outside, no choice sila :))

  13. I’m more vigilant now to regarding dengue and zika. I remember how paranoid I was about these too last year when I was pregnant. All of us really have to learn how to protect ourselves.

  14. I’ve used Off lotion when we were kids but now that I am a mom, I haven’t tried to use this one on my little boy yet. So far, I have been using citronella patches whenever we go out. The problem I have is that he always licks lotion off his skin whenever we apply it on his arms and legs. I’m planning to give this a try though once he grows a bit older or overcomes licking off lotion from his skin. 😀

  15. I love that I’m getting great reviews on your site! I also love the creative twist you did with your post and the ending!
    Although seriously though, I hate that the Zika virus and dengue fever is so prevalent back in the Philippines. It’s really hard to encourage our children (and even ourselves) to go outside and be more active. I hope that a miracle happens and all these insects carrying sicknesses gets wiped out, for our family’s sake. 🙁

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